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Let’s face it, entrepreneurship is one of the many trial and error feats several of us may face in life. From trying to figure out how to run your business to making sure you hire the right employees and team—being an entrepreneur can be a challenging journey.

Because entrepreneurship comes with its challenges, there are several tools (both free and subscription-based) that can aid you along your journey of entrepreneurship. From organizational tools to presentational and planning tools—there’s truly something for all of your business needs.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from succeeding as an entrepreneur. Here are 5 free tools for entrepreneurs you can utilize to grow your sizeable business all while preserving your funds for the more costly things entrepreneurship brings about. Check them out below!

5 FREE Tools to Build Your Brand

  1. Canva

Canva offers its users a free suite of various photo editing and design tools to create social media ads, infographics, newsletters, brochures and so much more. This tool comes with a variety of free stock images you can use to create your own library of custom images. Once you’ve completed your desired look, you can then download it onto your computer, where they give you a variety of options to choose how you want to download (i.e. png, transparent, jpeg, HD) and you can instantly begin using them for your digital marketing campaigns!


No one likes the look of a long URL—it’s a complete eyesore. is the perfect tool to utilize if you are wanting to increase clickability by using a more personalized (and shorter) link. is perfect in helping you gain stats on your link such as the number of clicks you are receiving. This gives you one less step in your process of marketing, whereas is able to directly calculate those trends. 

  1. Google Slides

If you’re someone that utilizes lots of PowerPoints and you have a small or large team—Google Slides is perfect. One of the many tools in Google’s Suite, Google Slides is a free and effective way to create visually appealing PowerPoints, pitch desks and so much more all while giving your entire team full access to contribute too. Google Slides makes it so easy to update, create and present as you go—effortlessly integrating with Microsoft.

  1. LinkedIn

When thinking of tools to help you along your journey of entrepreneurship, you may have not thought about the benefits of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the holy grail for entrepreneurs. It’s a powerful tool and platform that allows you to build a target audience, reach out to recruiters, gain direct access to those that are in charge, and network!

Before reaching out, you want to make sure you’ve tailored your profile so that it is both presentable and accurate of who you are. Although LinkedIn is free, users also have the option of purchasing a premium subscription, which allows you more access to contact various people in various industries outside of your network.

  1. MailChimp

Sure, there are thousands of email marketing tools out there that more than likely do the same things, however MailChimp is a resourceful and reliable email tool that is perfect for beginner entrepreneurs. If you are just beginning to build your email list, MailChimp gives you a free account up to 2,000 subscribers. This means, you won’t have to pay to send emails until you’ve accumulated a decent email list for your business. With its various web forms, pop ups, and landing pages, MailChimp makes crafting your email campaigns and newsletters easier than ever.

If you’re a small business owner and you found these five tools to build your brand helpful in aiding you along your journey of entrepreneurship, share with us in the comments below how you plan on incorporating these new tools into building your business!

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