Every entrepreneur knows that mistakes are inevitable—you’re a business owner, so you’re bound to make a few in your lifetime. However, very few business owners are aware that many of these mistakes can be easily prevented. You get so caught up in making sure your business goes directly as planned that you don’t realize you’ve made so many mistakes in the process. Here are four common and avoidable mistakes small business owners make:

Avoidable Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

  1. Waiting too long to hire help

As a small startup business, hiring help is extremely important—especially when it’s needed. Practically every business owner has been guilty at one point or another of simply wanting to do every task on their own. Newsflash—you can’t afford to do it all alone! Hiring help is an absolute must! In order to sustain the growth of a successful startup, you have to utilize your resources and people that are experienced in your industry. Releasing some of your businesses workload to contracted employees or interns will truly help your business flourish.

  1. Not being confident in your decision-making

Confidence is key! Without confidence and being assertive in making decisions for your business—you’re bound to fall through the cracks. Many entrepreneurs don’t realize that confidence alone can carry their startup extremely far—simply being confident in your brand, when you’re pitching to executives and making any decision in regards to your business should be made with confidence and factual information.

  1. Overworking your employees to pursue success

Deciding to commit to a startup is a big decision. It requires long hours, extreme goals and sometimes bargains. Because many entrepreneurs have this at the forefront of their mind, they don’t realize that they are overworking their employees to make sure their business succeeds. Requiring your employees to consistently work overtime with harsh and extreme deadlines is the definition of overworking. As an entrepreneur, in order to prevent burnout from occurring, it’s important to regularly check-in with your employees to make sure their workload is being managed and is stress-free.

  1. Not fully committing to what you started

Starting a business will require lots of motivation, dedication, hard-work and patience, just to name a few. Committing to what you’ve started is important. As a startup business owner, you must be willing to make those sacrifices and put in the required time in order to breed and attract success to your brand. Success doesn’t just happen overnight, of course it takes time, but it also takes lots of commitment and without it—your business is nonexistent.


We as business owners all make mistakes—common, preventable, they’re all made. It’s important to continuously be aware of them and be consistent in your work in order to prevent them from occurring. If you are able to do that and remain resilient in your work ethic, you are sure to attract success to your startup!

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