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As an entrepreneur, getting media can be difficult if you do not have a public relations firm on your team. We would like to provide a bit of guidance to our fellow small businesses and entrepreneurs on how to pitch yourself when you can’t afford a publicist just yet.

3 PR Strategies for Small Businesses + Entrepreneurs

Identify the story being told

Before you even put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard), make sure you’ve identified exactly what you’ll be sharing with the journalist you’re reaching out to. Reporters are looking for stories that are interesting, engaging and relevant to their readership, so make sure that whatever you’re presenting to them, fits those qualifications.

Ask Yourself: Who would resonate with this story?

Consider who would relate to this story about yourself or your business that you’re looking to tell. What does this audience look like? Is she a CEO in her mid-forties or a natural hair influencer? What platforms does she look to for her news? Her fun, escapism articles? Figure that out and then pitch your story to those publications intentionally, so long as it also resonates with that media outlet. You never want to pitch a writer a story that has nothing to do with what they cover! So ladies in tech, try to avoid sending your pitch to Vogue…unless, of course, you developed a dress that can sew itself!

Tell your story clearly, concisely and confidently

These three C’s are incredibly important to keep top of mind. It’s so easy to let our stories get away from us. Naturally, because it’s personal to us, we’re more passionate about it. But, make sure to find a way to convey that passion and zeal for your business or service in a clear, concise and confident manner. Reporters receive hundreds of emails a day, so make sure your pitch gets right to the point and explains why your story could be of value to them.

These 3 PR strategies for small businesses and entrepreneurs should help in tiding you over until your business is in a more solid place to bring a professional PR consultant on board, but that should definitely still be earmarked as a high priority for your brand. In the long-run, that investment will be well worth it.


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