Boss Women Media 2020 Recap

2020 was one of the most interesting, emotional, uncertain years we as a world witnessed and experienced as a whole. As 2020 remains one of the most interesting and unsettling years to date, as an organization that stands to uplift and support, we can’t help but still try to find the good in this trying year. From the ups and downs to the highs and lows, 2020 was one of the most impactful and successful years for Boss Women Media.

Take a closer look as we showcase a few of our proud moments of 2020, events we held, as well as how we pivoted to still help women propel forward in their careers – Boss Women Media’s 2020 recap.

Boss Women Media 2020 Recap

100 Women Sitting at the Table

In the beginning of the year, we had an extremely detailed and dynamic plan of what our year would look like from start to finish, and the events within the world quickly shifted our agenda. Before the announcement of quarantine, we started our year off with 100 Women Sitting at the Table, where we flew in 50 women to Dallas, TX and highlighted 50 local women and their untold stories. This was unknowingly the last in-person event we held and the weekend after is when the world completely shifted.

100 Women Sitting at the Table

100 Women Sitting at the Table

Black Girl Magic Virtual Summit

Having to shift due to COVID-19, we put our heads together to create an in-studio production of our virtual Black Girl Magic Summit where we featured several experts in different industries to come together and teach our 17,000+ audience key factors and strategies to help them in their careers. With Black Girl Magic, we were able to ship off 5,000 boss boxes and give away a total of $50,000 in our pitch competition to help women expand their businesses.

Black Girl Magic Digital Summit Recap

Boss Women of the Year

With Boss Women of the Year, we were able to highlight our Boss Moms, Boss Corporate Queens and our Boss Entrepreneurs in a virtual panel where they spoke to our audience on what it means to be a pillar in their industries. A few of those nominees included Denise Vasi, Mattie James and Meena Harris.

Home Hustlers

Home Hustlers was our last virtual event of the year and focused on our women that were at home grinding, had an amazing and impactful idea, but needed those extra tools and resources to help them fully execute it. With over 1,000 attendees, we were able to create a holiday virtual pop-up shop presented by Square where we featured their businesses and services for our entire audience and more to shop just in time for the holiday season.

Although 2020 was an unforgettable year in many ways than one, one thing we can all agree on is the fact that it was the year of resilience. We could’ve simply laid down and decided not to get back up, but instead we decided to take a route of innovation which can clearly be seen through our Boss Women Media 2020 recap. 2020 was the year that Black voices were heard, Black creators were seen and Black content was needed for the world to thrive.

2020 could not have happened without you! Thank you for riding with us and helping us win so that we can help you win! Cheers to 202won!

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