So you’ve finally gotten your business off the ground and running, and now it’s time to get yourself a solid team to back you. Building your very first team can be extremely exciting. Having to delegate various responsibilities and getting others’ opinions in business decisions can be both rewarding and a tad bit terrifying.Honestly, you’ve probably been thinking about creating a team for a while now, but fear, uncertainty, and the unknown have been holding you back. Sis it’s time to let those feelings go because the time has come and you will be so grateful once you build one!

For any startup business owner, it’s important to know that the first few employees you hire are pivotal for your company’s success. The decisions you’ll be faced to make won’t solely rely on you anymore—but instead, you and your team.

Are you curious as to how to go about building that team? We’ve got you covered. Here are five things to know before building your first team.  

Building a Robust Team

  1. Make sure every employee you hire has the same work ethic as you

This is a BIG one! You have to hire someone that is either just as ambitious or even more ambitious about your business than you are. It’s important that you surround yourself with people that are eager and excited to help you build and pursue your business. If your team isn’t as motivated, willing, and driven as you are to grow your business, then they just aren’t meant for you.

  1. Build a diverse team

You need a team of people that are multifaceted. Someone that’s good at marketing, branding, social media, operations, content creation—every role that needs to be filled should be based on diversity and experience. The more diverse your team is, the more effective and successful your brand will be. It’s important that whoever you hire for these job specifics are experts in that industry and will contribute to the overall growth and success of your startup.

  1. Hire employees with good character traits and qualities

Being a good person simply gets you further in life. It’s important to keep in mind that you as a business owner will automatically attract those kind of people based on who you appeal to. Being able to find qualified employees with good character traits to carry out the tasks of your business is what makes all the difference. No one wants to interact with cruel and selfish people in any business, nor does any business owner want that associated with their brand. Surround yourself and your business with those that exemplify what you and your brand represents.

  1. Recruit recommendations

As an entrepreneur of a startup, you may be already well connected with lots of people in other fields and industries simply through networking. These connections are important because they are resourceful in finding your own employees. Whether it’s through LinkedIn or personal connections, make sure you expand and harness your network to find those talented individuals that could be a great fit for your team.

  1. No close friends or family

Deciding to hire your close friends or family members is one of the unspoken rules of entrepreneurship. You simply should not mix friends, family and business. A lot of the times, it just doesn’t go too well—for all parties involved. It’s not worth the risk of losing a friendship simply because you could not work together. Keep those relationships separate and hire people that are both eager and qualified, but aren’t family and friends.

By following these 5 steps for building a robust team for your business, your business will not only evolve and grow, but as the business owner, there will be a great deal of the workload taken off of your shoulders!

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