Industries Dominated by Women

Women are becoming the dominating force in some of the top industries in today’s economy. Jobs that were previously dominated and ran by men, are surprisingly becoming number one roles for women.

Recent trends have indicated that we as women are moving up on the corporate ladder and are leaving those low paying jobs behind. “Men only” careers such as finance, law, and engineering are increasingly becoming women ran! This just goes to show and solidify that anything men can do—women can do too, and sometimes even better! Here are five top industries dominated by women!

Top Industries Dominated by Women

  1. Healthcare

From a registered nurse to a family and medicine doctor—women are taking over the healthcare industry. With the advancement of technology and the current digital age we live in, it has become easier and faster for women to obtain degrees in the medical field—and they are doing just that!

Women currently make up the majority of the front line of the healthcare industry and it’s only increasing. According to Advisory Board, 80% of the healthcare industry is comprised of women, with 90% being registered nurses. Can you say #girlpower!   

  1. Education

It’s no secret that the education industry is steadily increasing with the incorporation of women leadership. Although the educational field is extremely diverse, women still make up the majority of the population. Specifically edtech, which helps facilitate performance and productivity of a learner in an ethical manner. Women are currently dominating this industry with 30%. The education industry being dominated by women is nothing new—even in the 19th century women held various leadership roles throughout the school systems.

  1. Human Resources

The field of human resources has been dominated by women for an extremely long time. According to the U.S. Bureau, 72% of women in human resources are managers. So you may be wondering how women have been able to dominate this industry for so long? Well, traditionally, it’s always been known to be dominated by a female population, however men have begun to show more interest in this field.

Human Resources is also a woman-dominated industry based on the ideology that women tend to be more patient and nurturing genetically—which makes for better human interaction in a career field of this choice.

  1. Customer Service

Empathy, great listener, patience, problem solving, and great communication—these are all skills possessed by those in the industry of customer service, which makes so much sense as to why women are dominating this industry. Research has revealed that women’s brains tend to signal more empathy in comparison to men. Women as a whole are more likely to mimic the emotional expressions of others—what you receive, you give back. Because of this, women tend to have better customer service skills than men.

  1. Real Estate

This one may surprise you, because many associate real estate with men, however—according to research, 65% of the real estate industry is made up of women. This goes beyond the stereotypical norm and shows just how determined women are to go after what they want!

As you can see, we as women are definitely forces to be reckoned with! Never underestimate the power of a woman, and if you’re a woman reading this– never underestimate the power of yourself! Let us know in the comments below your current field/industry and if any of these surprised you!

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