What is Boss Connectors

Here at Boss Women Media, we know the importance of community and what it means for small businesses. We know the feeling of needing a sense of connection with like-minded women that not only share common passion and interests as us, but look like us too.

In February, we created our exclusive membership portal, Boss Connectors—which connects all walks of women with endless resources, tools and exclusivity to select events that will take your vision and corporate mindset beyond your own ambitions. When it comes to making sure you are building a successful business, why wouldn’t you want to make money moves and create connections that can elevate your career, as well as accountability that ensures you are crushing your goals?!

Everything You Need to Know About Boss Connectors

What is Boss Connectors? 

Boss Connectors is a membership community where women can get real resources, content and connections without the threat of haters competing with you! It is a community of like-minded women that motivate, uplift and hold you accountable along your journey of entrepreneurship. With access to tools and stimulating events, as a Boss Connector, you are given the necessary tools achieve your goals with growth and hustle. If you’re looking to be connected with some of the best and brightest women in the game, along with expert advice from powerhouses within their industry AND free access to in-person events, then what are you waiting for?! Boss Connectors is an all access, all the time investment you won’t regret making!

What are the benefits of joining Boss Connectors?

So you may be asking yourself, well what are the benefits of joining such a passionate and accountable community of like-minded women? For starters, your one time fee of $95 will give you all the time, unlimited access to Boss Connectors content. Boss Connectors membership benefits include:

  • Expert advice from Boss Women monthly
  • A global community dashboard
  • Monthly accountability calls
  • VIP Swag at Boss Women of the Year
  • 25% off BWM event tickets
  • A starter kit with a journal and tee
  • Exclusive downloadable content
  • FREE networking events
  • Connections with career driven women
  • Front row seating at BWM events
  • Meet and greet with speakers at events
  • Daily text messages

We are excited to help ALL women win, and through our membership benefits, we are doing just that!

How can I join Boss Connectors?

We are saving you a seat! Come join us on this amazing adventure with Boss Connectors. We can’t wait for you to join us in the member portal!

We’ve made joining Boss Connectors easy as ever! Click here to begin your career-driven journey of bettering yourself and your business, because we all need community!  

*Boss Connectors memberships are an annual commitment and begin day of purchase.

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