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With the New Year being three weeks away, many of us have begun the tradition of writing down our new year resolutions and goals. What will the new year bring for you? What do you plan on doing differently to have a more successful and memorable year? These are all questions we ask ourselves in hopes of becoming a better person each year—but why wait until a new year (or in this instance, a new decade) to change for the greater good?!

It’s never too early to break bad habits and become a better you! Having a clear and organized plan ahead of what you are wanting to change and make better for yourself is the key to being successful in your new year resolution journey.  We know how difficult it can be to break bad habits—so we’re giving you a list of 20 habits you should be leaving behind in 2020, but of course it’s never too early to start now! Check them out below.

20 Bad Habits to Leave Behind in 2020

  1. Being judgmental

  2. Being lazy

  3. Tolerating “friends” and family that drain your energy

  4. Overworking yourself

  5. Not taking care of your body—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

  6. Resisting change

  7. Making excuses

  8. Poor punctuality

  9. Not taking responsibility for your actions

  10. Allowing your mind to think negative thoughts

  11. Complaining

  12. Not being mindful of your spending (not saving money)

  13. Not practicing self-care

  14. Inactivity

  15. Comparing yourself to others

  16. Worrying about the opinions of others too much

  17. Too much screen time

  18. Gossiping

  19. Saying yes even when you want to say no

  20. Lying


These are all bad habits to leave behind in 2020 that we can afford to get rid of as the new year approaches, and remember—it’s never too early to start now! #NewYearResolutions #Outwiththeold 

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