Holiday Hacks for this Holiday Season

The holidays can be an extremely stressful time, especially with the year we’ve had and the fact that this holiday season may look a lot different for many of us. Although that may be the case, you can still have an absolutely enjoyable holiday season regardless of what’s been thrown your way this year.

Here are four tips on making the most out of this holiday season and embracing all that it means to truly find the good in every situation.

4 Ways You Can Make the Most Out of this Holiday Season

1. Be intentional during this season

Setting an intention for the holidays can include what you want to do along with how you want to do it. When you set intentions, you must learn how to act on those intentions in the most simple and stressless way possible. If certain things or acts trigger you during the holiday season, learn how to remove those triggers so you can be in a much calmer space and setting during this time.

2. Have realistic and attainable expectations

During the holidays, many of us tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to host the “perfect” party, have the absolute best five-star meal, the most appealing decorations and of course the absolute best gifts. You have to understand that you’re human, you can’t do it all– especially not alone. Take this holiday season to really set realistic expectations that are both attainable and don’t drain you in the long run.

3. Take care of your mind, body and soul

If your mind, body and soul aren’t intact– how can you expect anything else around you to be? Encourage positive emotions and thoughts during this holiday season and allow yourself to slow down and do less. Learning how to bask in the present moment truly makes all the difference, especially when you’re spending time with loved ones during the holidays. Just as you’re remembering to be kind and compassionate to others during the holiday season, don’t forget to do the same thing for yourself.

4. Take time to enjoy your loved ones

Family is one of the reasons for the holiday season. Although you may not be able to physically visit your family, thank God for technology! Virtual connections and platforms have been utilized like no other during this year. Hosting family Christmas parties through Zoom has become extremely popular and still gives you a sense of connection with your loved ones. Take this time to truly enjoy your loved ones and appreciate what it means to still be able to celebrate the holiday season with them– even if it isn’t in-person.

We hope these four holiday hacks for this holiday season not only help you make the most out of this month, but the following months and New Year to come! Let us know in the comments below some things you do to keep calm and make the most out of the holidays!

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