When trying to establish your startup, standing out from the rest of the crowd is one of the most important keys if you want to gain any type of success in your said industry. There is a lot that goes into branding your startup business, but one thing that most business owners seem to underestimate is the powerful influence of social media. Simply being there is no longer going to cut it—if you are serious about your startup and taking it to the next level, you must integrate a social media presence.

We at Boss Women Media know just how important social media is to any small or large business, so we wanted to give you seven social media strategies to help you get your startup off of the ground. Here are seven tips that will provide you with insight into how you should go about implementing social media into your startup business.

6 Social Media Strategies to Implement

Strategy #1 Research Your Industry’s Market

Before you begin making your social media post on Instagram and Twitter, you want to make sure you research your market. A random tweet or Instagram feed will not have a large impact if you aren’t familiar with certain hashtags to use to bring traffic to your page.

This can also be said about other social media platforms—being able to figure out what your target audience is like will be the guiding factor in failing or succeeding. More than likely, you’ve already done some kind of research for your business, however social media is a completely different beast, so you will for sure want to do your research here as well.

Strategy #2 Use the Social Media Platforms that make sense for your Business

Once you complete the research, you want to take a look at your audience’s demographics—who they are, where they live, how many hours they spend on the internet daily, their browsing habits, and ultimately—what social media platforms they use most often.

Although signing up for every social media website offered can bring brand awareness to your business, it’s important to utilize the social media platform that majority of your audience uses—or else, it becomes a waste of resources. Be sure to determine where your social media investments will have the largest and most beneficial impact to both your brand and your audience.

Strategy #3 Create a Handle that’s consistent 

Establishing brand familiarity through your social media handles is extremely important. Because you will be utilizing more than one social media platform, you need to be consistent with your name. This consistency will bring about brand familiarity and credibility, and will allow your audience to find you easier on socials.

Strategy #4 Implement a Posting Schedule

Knowing the best times to post content on your social media platforms is so important and strategic for your startup. The better your engagement rate is, the better it will be for your business. To ensure that your best time to post content on your social platforms is accurate and up-to-date, download planning apps such as Planoly, which is a planner for Instagram and helps you stay on track with content postings. Although it will take a few weeks to get a set schedule down, it will definitely be worth it and will improve your company’s social media presence.

Strategy #5 Consistency is Key

Consistency is extremely important in social media. Sure, missing a day or two may not be the end of the world, but you want to make sure you have scheduled posts that are lined up and ready to go live. If you aren’t consistent, how can you expect your audience to show continuous interest in your brand? Social media is fickle, and once a person is bored, they will move on to the next big thing, so make sure you’re staying consistent and posting content!

Strategy #6 Utilize Automation Tools

One thing is for certain—the more social media accounts you have, the more difficult it becomes to manage them all. If there is a system that allows you to connect all of your social media platforms together, along with you scheduled postings—it will be a total lifesaver! Because there are several different automation tools on social media, you want to make sure you find the best tool that suits your startup.


Social media marketing, whether it’s used for a small startup or a large business and brand, it requires a lot of patience, understanding and trial and error. Nevertheless, these 6 social media strategies will not only bring exposure to your business, but will also help establish your social media presence.

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