When work becomes overwhelming, you may begin to feel the pressure of everything fall down upon you. Being a yes-man at your workplace is detrimental to your growth as an employee. Sure, some of us may suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), but simply saying “yes” because you’re afraid of missing out is only hurting yourself in the long run. Don’t stretch yourself thin trying to please others.

By learning and knowing when it’s OK to say no, you are sticking to the morals that you value and realizing that there is no shame in simply saying no—for whatever reason. Here are four times when no is better than saying yes.

When No is Better Than Saying Yes

1. When you’re already booked and busy

Your time is extremely precious and valuable. If you tend to spread yourself thin in the workplace—it’s time to stop! Taking on too much at a time can be a complete disaster, especially when you don’t even know where to start. Not only does it lead to longer work days, but it also comprises the quality of the work you are capable of producing. So if you begin to feel like your plate is already full with other tasks, duties, and responsibilities—it’s OK to say no. You’re better off turning down a task that someone else who may have more time doing it than cramming to get the job done and not successfully fulfilling it.

2. When you feel uncomfortable

Comfort is key, and from here on out, we are done feeling uncomfortable! If your boss or even colleague asks you to do something that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable—you have every right to tell them no. Feeling uncomfortable—both morally or physically in the workplace is just something that shouldn’t be compromised. Get yourself out of any situation that is causing you to feel uneasy and contact someone of higher authority. If you ultimately feel like something isn’t right—trust your gut and always stick to it!

3. When you feel like you’re being taken advantage of

Regardless of what the situation is—no one likes being taken advantage of. If you are constantly being asked to do something that either isn’t listed in your job description, or isn’t within your skillset, or simply adds to your to-do list—say N-O! Whenever you feel like your willingness to go the extra mile is being taken advantage of, it’s time to put your foot down. Be assertive and stand up for yourself and let them know—enough is enough.

4. When it goes against your values + morals 

When it goes against your morals and values—saying no is perfectly fine. When your moral principles are challenged in the workplace, respect comes into play and if your boss doesn’t respect how you morally view a situation—then they do not value you as a person or employee. Along those same lines, if you don’t say no to something that you view as unethical—then you too do not value yourself.

Although saying no can be difficult, the next time you’re faced with the difficult decision of deciding whether or not you should say no to a coworker or even your boss, run across these tips to confidently help you make that decision!

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