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Last Saturday we brought our viewers the final week of Home Hustlers, our 4-week educational digital event series where we call on all side hustlers, idea creators, and innovators that want to take their idea to the next level. Each week we brought you panels of experts in their careers as well as workshops and pep talks to help turn your passions into profit as you scale your own business.

Week 1’s topic of discussion focused on The Business Plan where our panelist talked about finding your “why”, creating your business blueprint and defining your place in the market and the internet. Week 2 showcased The Digital Landscape where we discussed the latest SEO best practices to successfully amplify your content while streamlining your email marketing, content and social media strategies. Week 3 was also nothing short of amazing as we focused on what it means to Stack Your Coin as you find your success through being a solopreneur.

Home Hustlers Recap Week 4

In our final week of Home Hustlers, we focused on The Pitch where we walked our viewers through elevating their elevator pitch, creating a unique differentiated brand, establishing their niche and building their style. Moderated by Boss Women Media’s Founder and CEO Marty McDonald, the panel of experts included Cleo Greene, Natasha Aarons, Jessica Pumphrey, Maya Brooks and Danielle Cadet.








The conversation began with Marty telling our viewers to “stay focused on your vision,” when you’re focused on your brand’s vision, not only are you able to produce more, but you’re also able to weed out the things that don’t help you elevate and build your brand. Stay focused is vital in any instance—especially when it comes to your business. Maya Brooks explained the importance and power of the pitch stating, “the power of the pitch really starts first with understanding who your audience is,” if you don’t know enough about your audience or who they are, your pitch is pointless. This ties hand-in-hand with Natasha’s POV “know the under, know the magic, and connect the two.” When you know your audience and who you’re doing it for, your next steps should be being able to connect the two.








As the conversation progressed, viewers learned about the importance of the black consumer. “A lot of these companies don’t know the impact of Black and Brown people,” Jessica Pumphrey said. Several brands and businesses are not even remotely aware of how powerful and impactful Black and Brown people are to their business—Black women alone are the number one consumer in a lot of these entities. Marty concludes the conversation by saying,  “If it’s a no, use that as an opportunity to build that relationship.” A no shouldn’t deter you from wanting to still work with a certain brand, learn how to turn that no into a benefit for you and stay connected with those individuals if you really want to be apart of their vision.

Looking Forward: In Week 5 of Home Hustlers, we will announce the winner of the $5,000 Pitch Competition + Square will be building an e-commerce site for our lucky winner! This is truly how you support women—give them tools and resources and watch them soar! Week 6 of Home Hustlers will include our Holiday Virtual Pop-Up where: 

  • Women who completed the 4 week series will have a chance to feature their product or service on the virtual holiday pop-up from November 21st- Dec 27th powered by Square Online.
  • From November 21st through December 27th the Boss Women Community can shop our small business virtual pop up highlighting women of color.
  • Consumers can read the stories of women who have created businesses to discover, connect, support, and shop the featured women-owned small business!


Make sure you’re tuned in for exciting announcements and updates by following along on our social media @bosswomenmedia on Twitter and Instagram, and don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #homehustlers for a chance to be featured during each session!


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