We all have those days—some are better than others, but they all impact our lives one way or another. Having to deal with the daily stresses and pressures of life can take a toll on you—if you allow it to.

How can you stay motivated and inspired in those trying times? What do you do to keep going and push forward? Boss Women Media’s got your back! We all need a little push and inspiration to keep going forward in life. If you find yourself in this same position, we’re here to help. Here are 3 ways to stay inspired when you aren’t feeling 100% yourself.

3 Ways to Stay Inspired 

  1. Read motivational quotes and daily affirmations

Many people may not realize it or even consider it, but daily motivational quotes and affirmations are a true inspiration to making the most out of your days. Many apps have push notifications that allow you to subscribe to these daily quotes and affirmations—literally inspiration right at your fingertips. By setting your phone to receive these daily affirmations, you’re giving yourself a token of motivation and inspiration to simply keep going.

  1. Give yourself a time limit on feeling uninspired and then shake back

It may sound silly—but it truly helps. Giving yourself a short amount of time to feel uninspired about what it is that is occurring in your life is important because you don’t want it to take over your entire mental. Feeling uninspired can put you down in the dumps—and who wants to feel that way forever?! So allow yourself to feel the emotion, and then shake that feeling and get back to work! You’ve got this! 

  1. Show gratitude

Being grateful in life breeds a sense of inspiration because it allows you to appreciate something. The more grateful and appreciative you are for the things that you have in your life, the more motivated you become to elevate and sustain even more. You have to remind yourself how truly blessed you are—even if you are feeling uninspired because gratefulness breeds inspiration.

We’re human, feeling uninspired is natural, however allowing it to take over your entire mindset should not be. When you’re feeling down in the dumps and you need a little push—check out these three tips to get you back on your path of motivation! Let us know what you do to stay inspired!

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