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With COVID-19, so many people have had to find ways to increase their income. Whether it’s getting a second job or a completely new job– one way or another, COVID-19 has impacted us all. With finding a new job, revamping your resume is extremely important. Being able to make sure your resume reflects your qualifications and the requirements of the job you’re applying for is key.

Picture this: It’s almost 2021 and you’ve yet to get that “dream job” you’ve been wanting for a while now. You feel like you’ve made the right connections, spoke to the right people, showed up and showed out, but yet you’re still stuck in the same tired situation.

Sis, it’s time to revamp and remove any and everything that longer serves purpose on your resume! Removing unnecessary jargon and clutter from your resume will allow your most important skills and assets to shine. Below we’re giving you three signs that indicate it’s time to remove those unnecessary and tired bullets points from your resume! Check them out below.

3 Signs it’s Time to Revamp Your Resume

Sign #1 It doesn’t pertain to the position you’re applying for

It’s important to keep in mind that the role you’re applying for needs to reflect your skills and experience. If you’re applying for a retail position, and you have experience from working as a chef on your resume, it does yourself no good and potentially lowers your chances of obtaining that job simply because it shows you’re unqualified and lack experience in that field. Make sure you tailor your resume with the things that are relevant for the current position you are applying for.

Sign #2 It occurred in high school or any additional pre-college academics

So long are the days where your high school volunteer experience is going to be able to represent how involved you were in your community. Including information on your resume that no longer serves a valid purpose needs to be removed immediately! Most of the time, once you’ve reached a pinnacle in your job hunting, high school activities and honors no longer serve a purpose. Instead, try incorporating some of those accolades into your interview and quickly speak on those, but don’t allow them to be the shining spotlight on your resume.

Sign #3 It makes you seem unqualified

At times, some things on your resume are needed and other times– they aren’t. If there is something on your resume that immediately labels you as being unqualified for the job in which you’re applying for– remove it. It serves you no purpose to have something on your resume that could potentially hinder your chances of getting your dream job. Unqualified statements on your resume tend to work against you will leave you jobless and upset in the end.

Once you begin to remove the necessary from your resume, you may begin to start receiving those interview calls from the jobs you’ve had your eyes on for a while! Start eliminating those unnecessary details as you begin your road to revamping your resume!


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