2020 has definitely been the year of drastic change. Having to transition from working from home has caused many companies to switch up their normal routine—specifically in the virtual realm. With the transition of working from home, many companies have been trying to find the most effective ways to make sure their team is able to meet—this is where Zoom and Google Hangouts comes into play.

How many times have you found yourself in or conducting a virtual meeting and someone interrupts you? Or someone doesn’t show up on time or doesn’t even acknowledge whatever it is you’re saying? Yes, we know, you’re not alone. We’re always trying to find ways to make 2020 a little more easier, so here are 5 things you can do to make sure you’re leading an effective virtual meeting.

5 Tips for Leading a Successful Virtual Meeting

  1. Introduce everyone before the meeting official begins

Making sure everyone within the virtual meeting is aware of who is on the call is important. Introduction are icebreakers that will establish the tone of the rest of the virtual meeting. By introducing who is on the virtual meeting, this will allow everyone to not only address those by their proper name, but to also know who it is they are speaking with throughout the duration of the meeting.

  1. Don’t be on your phone

Not being on your phone should be a no brainer when it comes to virtual meetings. Phones are a huge distraction as is, so when you’re on it while attending a virtual meeting, you run the risk of missing out on important information that you may need to know. Most virtual meetings don’t last more than an hour, so you can take an hour away from your phone to focus on the task at hand.

  1. Don’t interrupt when others are speaking

This is a big one that is sometimes a bit difficult during virtual meetings. While others have the floor, make sure you give them your undivided attention. If a thought or idea comes across your mind while they are speaking, let them finish their thoughts and then you can join in. Many times we don’t realize how rude (and often annoying) it can be to be interrupted mid-thought. Although it can be a little harder on a virtual meeting because you aren’t sure who may talk next—creating some kind of system of when someone speaks may be easier.

  1. Test your technology before the meeting

We live in such a digital age and we know that technology is not always reliable. Make sure you triple check your technology, Wi-Fi and all other connections before the start of your meeting. You’d hate to be 5 minutes before your meeting and find out your Wi-Fi connection is out.

  1. Be prepared

Preparation is power. You can never be too prepared for anything! Make sure you prepare in advance for your virtual meeting so you will know how to successfully lead an effective meeting. No one likes their time being wasted, and with everything going on around us—we can’t afford to waste time. Come prepared to your virtual meeting and lead with confidence!

These 5 tips on how to lead an effective virtual meeting will help keep your team engaged and the meeting on track, so that everyone has a chance to speak up and interact in order to create a successful meeting.

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