How many times have you emailed a pitch to a media contact and received no response? You sent over multiple follow-ups, you even reached out through their social media and still nothing at all! Well, let us be the first to say—you aren’t the only one!

Email pitching to a media contact definitely has its ups and downs. You may find yourself sending 30+ emails a week and only receiving a response from 2-3 people. So how can you pitch to get your email answered? If you want your email pitches answered, here are five things every email pitch should include.

5 Things Every Email Pitch Should Include

  1. Appealing Subject Line

Your subject line is essentially your first impression. You want to begin with an appealing and attention grabbing subject line that stands out from everyone else in their inbox. By including something that hints at what your pitch may entail as well as making the person feel good about opening your email is key to an appealing subject line.

  1. Making a Personal Connection

Making that personal connection can truly set you apart from other pitches. Doing your research prior on the person you are pitching to and referencing work they’ve done will make all the difference. Making a personal connection will allow not only grab their attention, but it will also show that your email isn’t a simple copy and paste, and that you took additional time to research their background before reaching out to them. 

  1. Establish Credibility

Within your email, you want to make sure you establish credibility. This goes hand-in-hand with not only establishing who you are, but also establishing the credibility of whatever organization you’re pitching for. 

  1. Make it Relevant

Relevance is what can make or break your email pitch. Why is this particular subject relevant to this person and their organization in the first place? How is it mutually beneficial to all parties involved and what makes it different from other pitches they may have received? Making sure you make your email pitch relevant to your contact is an extremely vital part that should not be left out—essentially this is the bread and butter of your email.

  1. Call-to-Action

At most, the email should be able two to three paragraphs. Your last paragraph should be a call-to-action where you let the person know what it is you are looking for and the next steps needed to take. Make your call-to-action very clear and understandable and remember to be confident in whatever it is you are asking.

By incorporating these six tips into your email pitches, not only are you are making way for your email pitches to be answered, but you are also creating and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with those contacts!





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