Black Girl Magic Pitch Competition Part III

If you tuned into the Black Girl Magic Summit that took place last weekend, then you got to witness an amazing weekend full of inspiration, guidance, insight and lots of #blackgirlmagic! Capital One presented us with the Black Girl Magic Pitch Competition which featured 5 finalist and 3 grand prize winners.

There were many participants that entered for a chance to win the three grand prizes from Capital One, however not everyone was able to win. It takes a lot to put yourself out there in order to take your brand to the next level—and we at Boss Women Media know all about this. So, we wanted to do something special for the participants that did not win the grand prize, but still shared their businesses with us.

We’ve compiled a 4-part list which highlights all of the Black Girl Magic Pitch Competition participants. Keep reading to find out more about Black Girl Magic Pitch Competition Part III featured businesses.

Black Girl Magic Pitch Competition Part III Featured Businesses

Business Name: Mogul Millennial

Why you started your business? I launched Mogul Millennial to provide resources to a community that’s rapidly growing in business and in corporate, but that’s still undeserved and often overlooked. Despite the fact that Black people are making tremendous strides as entrepreneurs and professionals, no one is creating resources and tools that’s unique to them to help them grow.

What does your business do? We partner with enterprises, organizations, founders, and corporate leaders to create actionable resources, tools, and content that helps Black professionals and entrepreneurs reach their goals.

When did you start your business? 7/11/2017

Who is your target audience? Black entrepreneurs and professionals


Business Name: The Nile List

Why you started your business? The businesses we feature are our inspiration for solving the problem of connectivity with Black-owned brands. They offer amazing and diverse products, but their businesses have gone under-noticed and under-resourced for so long. I started this business as a consumer who wanted easier access to dope Black brands, and I built this business as a way to facilitate that.

What does your business do? Nile is a digital platform that makes it easy for conscientious online shoppers and Black-owned ecommerce brands to connect online. Users can employ advanced filtering options to search and browse thousands of Black e-commerce brands on our site, and brands can reach their target audiences with greater ease.

When did you start your business? 4/30/2019

Who is your target audience? Our target audience is all conscientious online shoppers who want the ease of shopping online and the peace of mind of knowing that their dollars are supporting dope Black-owned brands.


Business Name: Just Ask Breanna

Why you started your business? I learned that I am valuable and reliable resource to myself, peers, clients, and leadership. Being the “go-to” person my entire life, I decided to create a business consultancy company, naming it “Just Ask Breanna.”

What does your business do? I specialize in three areas: Mobile Notary Services, Grant Writing, and Business Establishment Consultancy

When did you start your business? 1/1/2018

Who is your target audience? Small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers


Business Name: The Regime

Why you started your business? To encourage self love through hair care for kinky and curly hair naturals

What does your business do? The Regime is an online beauty tech platform that automates hair regimens and product selections for kinky and curly hair naturals

When did you start your business? 3/26/2020

Who is your target audience? Black women and men age 18-34


Business Name: Black Girls Who Write

Why you started your business? Because there needed to be a safe space for black authors to learn, grow, network, and share.

What does your business do? Black Girls Who Write is a community organization focused on sisterhood, networking, implementing enrichment, and celebrating authors within the black indie book community. We strive to uplift, enlighten, and elevate self-publishing black authors.

Our community gathers numerous local and national authors from various aspects of life to foster relationships, develop their brand, and learn different business skills and trades.

When did you start your business? 5/7/2019

Who is your target audience? Black Authors, specifically black women.


Business Name: The Book’d Store

Why you started your business? Book’d was started by two friends and sorority sisters as we were embarking on our post-collegiate journeys. While it was certainly a passion project to bring excitement and pizazz to a space that was lacking, it was also fueled by necessity due to underemployment and discontentment at being undervalued at our respective jobs. We realized that like ourselves, so many other Black women are starting businesses and becoming “sidepreneurs” to fill a financial gap, and we wanted to create a product that would help women organize their lives and hold themselves accountable as they worked toward creating more fulfilling lives for themselves.

What does your business do? Book’d is a luxury stationery & lifestyle brand for Black women that is super stylish and uniquely quirky. Our brand is located at the intersection between productivity and culture, faith, and entrepreneurship.

When did you start your business? 9/28/2018

Who is your target audience? Our target customers are black women, ages 18-35. Our ideal customer profile are women who are industrious and need help staying organized and maintaining balance. Our product has an aspirational element intended to inspire women to unleash their internal “girl-boss.”


Business Name: Joneasha’s Organic Living Shop

Why you started your business? To help people live healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles and avoid Toxins.

What does your business do? Provide Certified Toxic Free Organic products

When did you start your business? 8/1/2019

Who is your target audience? All ages and people from all walks of life!


Business Name: Salon 2 You

Why you started your business? I started my business to make self care As convenient and accessible as possible no matter your situation.

What does your business do? Salon 2 You is a mobile nail salon. We provide professional services in the comfort of your own home.

When did you start your business? 11/11/2018

Who is your target audience? Women and men of all ages! It does not matter who you are self care should be a priority. If your sick, working, stay at home, nursing home, Salon 2 You is for YOU.


Business Name: Our Deep Skin

Why you started your business? Hi, I’m Ruth! Deep Skin Tone Consultant & Founder of Our Deep Skin.
I am on a mission to provide people of colour with the right information, techniques, and products to achieve the best deep skin possible. By profession (9-5), I’m an Analyst in the oil & gas industry. My passion though? Skincare. All things skincare. My vision for Our Deep Skin arose when I realised that the people I had taken skincare tips from for years, looked nothing like me. Though great people, I was often frustrated when their advice or product recommendations did not work on my deep skin tone. In a world where representation is treasured more and more each day, people are searching for those they can resonate with that look like them. I first became interested in skincare at the age of 20 when my skin turned on me. I was frantically searching for solutions to fix my face and regain some self-esteem. Anything that the World Wide Web recommended, I tried. So much time & even more money spent doing this. Eventually though, thankfully, I found solutions! Even after I got results, I was still so interested to try out different products and learn more about my skin. The habit remained. I became the skincare consultant for all my best friends, I couldn’t help but analyse the skin of everyone I came into contact with. A friend recommended ‘why don’t you start a youtube channel to talk about your skincare? As I scrolled through my instagram feed one day, it clicked. All the skincare influencers, dermatologists and estheticians I followed were either Korean, White, or some other kind of oriental Asian. Kudos to them, they’ve not only helped me, but many others. That’s when my idea of ‘Our Deep Skin’ originated from. A community of people of colour to talk about all things skincare. Our melanated skin is beautiful and deserves attention too!

What does your business do? Our Deep Skin is a skincare company curated specifically for people with deep skin tones to educate them on how to have healthy skin. They currently offer virtual skincare consultations that come with personalised regimens. They are seeking the help of mentors, funding & investments, to scale to a worldwide monthly skincare subscription box service. Each month, subscribers will receive a box at their doorsteps filled with 5 full sized products: Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, sunscreen. All products will be proven to work on deep skin tones by formulation scientists and dermatologists. There will be 3 types of boxes available for subscription catering to: acne, hyperpigmentation, general maintenance. Each type of box will be curated for different skin types: oily, dry, combination. This service will simplify the process of looking for skin products that work, saving customers of colour time & money. It will take them step-by-step to achieve healthy, glowing, melanin skin.

The subscription box market is estimated to grow by 77% to be worth over £1 billion by 2022. More than 1 in 4 Brits (27.4%) were subscribed to at least one subscription box service in 2018.
As a result of the innovation by Our Deep Skin, skincare brands worldwide will be incentivized to create products that can also work for deep skin tones in order to be featured in the first ever skincare box for people of colour. This innovation will give them an opportunity to work on the pledges that have been made by companies and brands throughout 2020, on the topic of diversity, inclusion and equity.
Together, Our Deep Skin will not only significantly help the BAME community, but also drastically improve the products and services in the £8billion skincare industry.

When did you start your business? 4/2/2020

Who is your target audience? All genders, People with deep skin tones (Fitzpatrick skin type 4-6), ages 20-50, professionals, public facing individuals, skincare enthusiasts


Business Name: Mobility Match

Why you started your business? I started Mobility Match because I saw a need in the community for low-cost and reliable transportation options and saw first hand, how providing transportation can improve patient health and quality of life.

What does your business do? Mobility Match is for providers, whose patients are frequently missing health care appointments due to a lack of reliable transportation. We take the time to get to know patients and identify their needs as they relate to transportation inequity. By getting to the root of the problem, we are able to match patients to the most appropriate transportation resources to ensure sustainable appointment adherence.

When did you start your business? 4/7/2020

Who is your target audience? Health Care and Insurance Providers


Business Name: JP Operations

Why you started your business? Five years ago, I was looking for a 3PL for order fulfillment and freight shipping for my product based business. I spoke to several warehouse/3PLs and the common theme was that the men I met with were a condescending, difficult to work with, and extremely unhelpful. Plus, my business was in the beauty industry and they knew nothing about the storage and packing of cosmetics. So, I ended up just starting my own eCommerce order fulfillment operation to meet the needs of small businesses and particularly, woman owned businesses.

What does your business do? We are a woman owned third party logistics company that helps overwhelmed businesses master order fulfillment and shipping so they can focus on creating their products.

When did you start your business? 1/18/2018

Who is your target audience? Small to medium sized product based businesses who need order fulfillment, storage or logistics solutions.


Business Name: Slay the Mic

Why you started your business? We established Slay the Mic in 2015. We started Slay the mic because we recognized the lack of a hip-hop radio station in Western North Carolina and the multiple unheard voices in our community.

The 2-hour radio show has developed into programs, community events, internships, and continues efforts to uplift and empower the black community in Asheville, NC.

We plan to continue to grow as an entertainment company and build avenues for underrepresented voices to be amplified and heard.

What does your business do? Radio & Entertainment Company

When did you start your business? 7/22/2020

Who is your target audience? Our target audience is ages 16 – 45; inclusive to all gender and racial identities


Business Name: Bantu Coils

Why you started your business? I started my business to be health conscious natural hair brand and to bridge between cultures like our ancestors did.

What does your business do? We are beauty brand catering to natural hair community.

When did you start your business? 3/1/2018

Who is your target audience? Women with natural hair looking for a products that moisturizes and nourishes from the soil to the coil.


Business Name: The Renée

Why you started your business? I started The Renée to answer the question: “How might Black women redesign maternal health?” After a late pregnancy loss and 3 subsequent “successful” pregnancies, I was inspired to hear and learn from the stories of others. As a person with over 10 years in tech I believe there are frameworks often used in tech that can be used to see rapid innovation in maternal health.

What does your business do? We are a lab focused on improving Black maternal experiences. We release products that center Black women with the intention of seeing rapid change in healthcare.

When did you start your business? 3/7/2019

Who is your target audience? Black women, pre/ante/post natal

Black Girl Magic Pitch Competition Part III did not disappoint! With a list full of black-women owned businesses, keep reading to check out the final part of the Black Girl Magic Pitch Competition participants.

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