How many times have you found yourself contemplating and brainstorming innovative ideas to help you find ways to build a brand that stands out? And how many times have those “innovative” ideas fallen through? We know just how important it is to build a brand that stands out from the rest within your industry, but how can you do that and still find a way to cater to your target audience?

From business cards, to t-shirts and labels—Vistaprint is sharing three different products you can incorporate into your brand to help you stand out from the rest! Keep reading to find out how you can build a brand that stands out and gives your business the recognition it deserves!

3 Products for Building a Brand that Stands Out

 Product #1: Labels and Stickers

Custom labels and stickers are an excellent marketing product to utilize within your business. As a business owner, you want to make sure you’re doing your part to not only stand out within your industry, but to utilize marketing to the fullest. With the incorporation of custom labels and stickers, you are creating brand awareness among your target audience. The more familiar your audience is with your branding, the more they are able to associate it with your business.

Vistaprint provides a wide variety of customer labels and stickers that you can use to brand your business. Here are a few customer favorites:

Product #2: T-Shirts and Bags

Along with the custom labels and stickers, there’s nothing better than having swag with your branding on it. Custom t-shirts and bags can be used to aide in making sure your brand stands out by providing your target audience with clothing that represents your company. With Vistaprint’s ability to customize t-shirts and bags with your brand’s logo, you are truly taking the next steps in doing what it takes to build a brand that stands out.

Product #3: Business Cards

Business cards are essential to any brand. If you don’t have some form of an informational card about your business, then you are already five steps behind your competition. Vistaprint provides its customers with several options to customizing your brand’s business cards. From choosing your paper type and thickness, the shape of your card, and the finishes, you can get your first 100 business cards for a starting price of $15.

Building a brand that stands out doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of resilience and persistence to not only withstand the unexpected, but to also make sure you’re utilizing the best resources readily available to you. Vistaprint not only provides you with the tools and resources you need to get your brand off the ground, but it also makes sure your brand stands out. Visit for more ways on building a brand that stands out!


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