Are you a small business owner in need of valuable tools to optimize and elevate your business? Do you constantly find yourself searching for ways to implement new tactics and techniques into the growth of your business? It can be difficult to uncover new ways to make sure your online business is running as efficiently as possible, however with Square, running your business has never been made easier.

Square—one of the most popular payment processing apps to date — makes it easy for you as a business owner to not only reach your online audience through the many tools offered, but to also utilize all of their tools needed to smoothly run your business. From delivery and pickup to invoicing, Square aids you in successfully reaching your online audience.

How to Reach Your Online Audience with Square 

For starters, Square business tools are made for every type of business. Based on your business type, you can select the tools needed to make sure your business succeeds. Square offers business tools for the following businesses:

As a business owner, using Square allows you to implement the following tools:

Square Online Store

No matter what kind of business you run — retail, health and beauty, food and beverage — you can create an online ordering page with Square Online Store. It automatically integrates with all Square POS apps, Order Manager, and Customer Directory. If you only have a product to sell or don’t need a whole online store, you can also use Square Online Checkout to create shareable links. You can add links to your website, blog, email, texts, or social posts to sell quickly and easily.

Delivery and Pickup

While customers used to expect anything they bought online to be shipped, they’re increasingly expecting a variety of options for receiving their goods. With Square Online Store, you can make in-store pickup an option for your customers or you can offer delivery for customers within a geographic range that you determine and use your own staff (or yourself) to deliver goods. You can also set up delivery through integrations with Square partners.


Nothing is more critical than communicating with your current and prospective customers. With Square, you can use their straightforward tools to integrate with your point of sale and online store. Square Online Store, for instance, has SEO tools built in so that you can boost your search results on Google and reach new customers. Square Marketing helps you keep your customers up-to-date via email and social media so you can let them know how they can support your business or if there’s a new promotion for them to use.


Square makes it extremely easy for you as a business owner to invoice to your customers and clients. You have the option of sending an unlimited amount of invoices for FREE—this allows your customer to follow the prompts and pay online in a secure way.

Virtual Terminal 

The Square Virtual Terminal comes in handy for those business owners that may not have a card reader or has a customer that isn’t comfortable with making a payment over the phone. The virtual terminal allows you to manually enter in the credit card information, or pull up the customer’s information through the directory and charge their saved card on file. Square allows you to utilize this tool free of charge and if you have a MAC or Chromebook, you can connect a basic magstripe reader and swipe the card at your computer!

It’s no secret that Square offers an abundance of tools to reach your online audience. We’ve only touched on a few of the many tools Square has to offer you, for more information on all of Square’s tools and features, visit

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