What does showing up for work and dressing for success look like to you? Is it making sure you’ve ironed your outfit for the day? Or what about making sure your outfit actually matches and is coordinated?! How do you define what it means to show up for work and dress for success?

When it comes to dressing for success, it’s truly so much easier than you may think. Finding ways to maintain your image without having to break the bank is something many of us strive for. H&M presents us with a 4-step guide for showing up for work and dressing for success with some of their most affordable and trendiest finds!

Follow these 4 tips for dressing for success as your outfit will not only speak volumes, but you’ll be sure to give off the impression of confidence and success!

4 Tips for Dressing for Success Presented by H&M

 Tip #1: Start with the basics

Beginning with the basics is an easy one. This is as simple as starting with a very neutral color palette such as black, white, gray or navy and matching dark items with other dark items such as dark socks and dark pants or shoes.

Starting with the basics will allow you to casually build upon your outfit and will show that you are capable of not only presenting yourself in a professional manner, but that you’re also coordinated and fashionable (two things that may be very important depending on the industry you’re in).

Tip #2: Minimize the use of accessories

We love a good statement piece of jewelry, however in instances like this—sometimes less is truly more. Your accessories should be an add on, not a requirement. Try opting for jewelry and belts that aren’t too flashy or distracting and still maintain a professional image. If you’re finding that your accessories are outshining your outfit, then they may very well be outshining your personality too.

Instead, try out a nice simple black or brown belt and a simple pearl necklace or diamond stud earring. These are all classic pieces of jewelry that make subtle statements and still contribute to you dressing for success in the workplace.

 Tip #3: Keep it clean

Dressing for success and remaining professional is all about keeping it clean and your clothing should always represent just that. Clean and pressed out clothing that is tailored and fits to your body is the way to go. You never want to have on a dress or skirt that is too baggy and unflattering for your figure. Focus on making sure your clothing suits you and your body type in order to dress for success.

Tip #4: Dress for the environment/setting

This is a no brainer, however it’s still very important to mention. Depending on your work environment, you want to make sure you are always dressing for the occasion. If your work setting is more casual, then you can opt for a more casual outfit, but if your work setting requires you to maintain a business professional uniform, then make sure your attire reflects just that. Regardless of the setting, you can truly never go wrong by making sure you are always prepared to dress for success.

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Many recent studies have shown that those who dress for success tend to exuberate more confidence, feel more powerful and are truly more focused on the task at hand.

In an effort to help contribute to you dressing for success as you show up in the workplace, visit your local H&M or hm.com for the most affordable and professional fashions!

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