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Boss Women Media has grown over the past 3 years! We show up day after day to provide inspiration, motivation and education to our community of over 100,000+ women! We recently launched a membership program to give our community even more resources and tools to thrive in their careers. We need funding to make the site robust and to add new features.

The goal is to build the platform into an app that all busy women can use on the go filled with a digital programming library and in-platform messaging, and videos that highlight the stories of women who are taking their careers and businesses to the next level!

Between the Boss Connectors crowdfunding campaign, launching a new membership platform, and executing our very first digital experience with Black Girl Magic, we have so much to look forward to at Boss Women Media right now. We want to take a look back down memory lane and all that we have accomplished over these past 3 years!

Boss Women Media began with a lot of inspiration and no money. Here is what it was like in the beginning.

For the first year, I (Marty McDonald) was working a full-time job and using Boss Women Media as a hobby to connect with women who were experiencing my same challenges in Corporate America. It was a learning ground but I had no clue what I wanted from the brand!

I would send newsletters in my down time at my corporate gig. A year and half in, I knew Boss Women Media could be something very special! I knew what I wanted it to look like, feel like and who I wanted to be in our audience base. I knew I wanted to build a community that our community desperately needed! I didn’t know how I was going to do that!

Now I am  grateful for what I didn’t know. I researched the market, took marketplace learnings, but created my own spin to it with very little dollars. I was so passionate and filled with so much optimism! Friday nights were grind time for the brand, Saturday mornings were the new Mondays for Boss Women Media! One thing I did not have was a ton of personal contacts and resources, but I have built that overtime.

That is one thing that is so important in building any business from the ground up and I am grateful for who I have been able to connect with over the past 3 years! Today those connections have helped us land sponsorship deals, learn business tips (man we have learned so much). Over the years I have received incredible advice from other women that helped me launch this business, and I know how powerful and game-changing that kind of support is for another woman looking to take her career or business to the next level! This is why Boss Women Media was created!

How did I fund the business?

Bootstrapping was the first and foremost way I built the brand– and it was the best thing I could ever do! I built my first website, ran (and still do) social media, I wrote blog posts, I created the first newsletter template and created ALL the content for Boss Women Media. Without funding I was able to review in great deal where all the money was going and how I spent it for the future. Bootstrapping also helped our brand connect with our community and understand how they are creating in their businesses.

What is next for Boss Women Media?

After 3 years we are ready to take Boss Women Media to the next level in an even a bigger way. We are launching a crowdfunding campaign for Boss Connectors and I need your help to spread the word on our crowdfunding campaign.

This campaign will help us build the Boss Connectors Membership Platform. The crowdfund will help us create the best products possible on the platform we currently have to track how members are using our site, video content for the site, and how we can execute more features. This new prototype will help us build our final product as we support our community with tools and resources.

Can you support us and donate to our Boss Women Media Crowdfunding Campaign to help us reach our goal of $25,000 before the end of June 2020? Click here to support!

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