As businesses learn to navigate through the world amid COVID-19, many of them have switched to the use of digital technology—specifically through their interviewing and hiring process. Having to abide by the social distancing and quarantine rules set in motion, face-to-face interviews are being replaced by virtual ones.

As someone who may be currently preparing for a virtual interview, you must keep in mind that these virtual interviews are extremely similar to face-to-face interviews, however you want me to make sure you approach it in the most professional way possible. Here are six tips on how to ace your virtual interview!

6 Tips for Acing Your Virtual Interview 

1. Dress and look the part (professionalism is key)

A virtual interview is no different from a face-to-face interview, especially when it comes to maintaining the same level of professionalism. Make sure you treat your virtual interview like you would your in-person one: shower, brush your hair, and make sure your attire displays professionalism. You want to also make sure your surroundings are suitable and professional for the camera as well. This too will allow for projecting professionalism and simply going above and beyond.

2. Test your technology

Because we are coming into a new age where technology is at the forefront, making sure yours actually works before the big day is key to acing your interview. The moment you agree to partake in a virtual interview, make sure you test your technology multiple times to ensure you are prepared for the interview.

Checking things such as the internet connectivity, the WIFI, making sure the connection isn’t lagging or grainy and confirming your camera and microphone both work is vital during this step. On the actual day of your interview, make sure you test your technology once again because nothing’s worse than having a faulty connection and that being the reason you don’t get the job.

3. Be mindful of your body language

Body language is something that will play a major role during your virtual interview. Since you won’t be able to give that firm handshake like you normally would in-person, instead make sure you convey professionalism and confidence through your body language. Sitting up straight, smiling and making sure to keep the camera at an appropriate eye level to avoid looking down will help improve your overall body language.

4. Remove all distractions

Removing distractions is an absolute must for your virtual interview. Find yourself a quiet room in your home, or if you have younger children, ask your partner to take them out for an hour until your interview is complete. Make sure you do whatever you can to remove any distractions prior to beginning your virtual interview. Nothing’s worse than hearing a crying baby or a TV blasting while you’re trying to interview for a job.

5. Practice, don’t memorize

The last thing you want to do is sound robotic during your interview. You want to make sure you’re always portraying a genuine and sincere attitude throughout the entire interview. Take some time to run through a few practice questions with a family member. This will give you the chance to rehearse and familiarize yourself with your answers before the real thing.

6. Follow Up Immediately

Upon the conclusion of your virtual interview, make sure you follow up within 24 hours. Sending an individual thank you email to the hiring manager/team, will not only show that you appreciate and value their time, but it also shows you are truly interested in the position.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve partaken in a virtual interview during this time and the tips and tricks you used to ace it!

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