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How many times have you caught yourself sitting at your desk, fantasizing about finally starting your side-hustle? Being able to take your creative passion and fuel it into something that you are truly proud to call your own? And then—reality sets back in and you realize you’re still sitting at your cubicle, indulging in your 9 to 5.

Many people have dreams and aspirations of pursuing their side-hustle, however those same people are also turned away by the many myths and misconceptions associated with being a side-hustler. If you’re considering starting a side-hustle, here are 3 misconceptions about side-hustles to keep in mind.

3 Misconceptions about Side-Hustles

Misconception #1: Your side-hustle will eventually become your full-time job

Many people currently in a position where they aren’t satisfied with their current job. They don’t find pleasure with what they are doing, and they’re looking for something more that ignites them. This is when they turn to their side-hustle.

For a lot of people, one goal of their side-hustle is to eventually turn it into their full-time gig—however, this isn’t always the case. If your side hustle isn’t bringing in the same amount or more than your full-time job, then chances are, you won’t be able to make it your full-time gig. Many side hustlers balance both their full-time and part-time gig, and find both to be extremely satisfying for their needs.

Just because you are a side-hustler with a full-time job doesn’t mean you have to turn your side-hustle into your full-time job. If both make you happy, then who says you have to quit one for the other?!

Misconception #2: Your side-hustle will solve all of your money problems

Sure, having multiple streams of income is ideal, but as a side-hustler, don’t ever underestimate the amount of your money you’ll bring in as well as the amount of money you’ll be spending to keep your business afloat. There’s always an extra expense that you may have overlooked when budgeting, so keep in mind that just because you have another stream of income coming in doesn’t mean all of your money problems will be solved.

Misconception #3: Your side-hustle needs all of your time and attention.

First and foremost, if you are balancing a full-time job along with having a side-hustle then your side-hustle will not receive all of your time and attention. It’s nearly impossible to give your side-hustle 100% of your time and attention when you are balancing a full-time job, however, the good news is—it doesn’t require all of your time and attention.

You can still sufficiently run your side-hustle without devoting all of your time and attention to maintaining it (this is when employees and your team come in handy). Making sure you have a reliable and trustworthy tribe that helps you manage your side-hustle is key in making sure it doesn’t suck up all of your time and attention.

Is there something you secretly long to do? What ignites that passion inside of you? The passion that keeps you motivated? Write it down and manifest it, then take the first steps to bring it to fruition.

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