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COVID-19 has not only brought about a new normal for many of us, but it has also caused a huge increase in social media presence and how everyone is interacting with it. There’s been a great increase in the number of Instagram Live sessions that have taken place over the course of this pandemic.

From celebrity battles, to news reporters and everyday people all utilizing the tool. With Instagram Live being such a prominent feature during this time, these platforms are experiencing even more traffic, and some people are wanting these tools to be utilized even after the pandemic.

We’re sharing with you, four ways you can make the most out of your IG Live sessions all while exposing your audience to an innovative way of receiving the most relevant content!

Making the Most Out of Your IG Live Sessions

  1. Give Your Audience Something to Look Forward To

Because IG Live sessions can feel a bit saturated during this time period, it’s important to give your audience something to look forward to. Whether that’s providing the first 10 viewers with free products/services or creating a countdown sticker to let your audience know in advance about your session. This will allow them to not only prepare for the IG live, but it will also give them something to look forward to because I mean who doesn’t love free giveaways?!

  1. Don’t Start Your Session Off Immediately

Like many of us—life happens. So many people are working from home and may not be able to tune in at the exact start of your IG session. If you are featuring a special guest during your segment, it’s best to wait a few minutes before diving directly into the conversation with that said guest. This allows for more people to enter your IG live session as well as making sure they don’t miss any valuable information along the way.

  1. Make it an Interactive Experience

One goal of hosting an IG Live session is to make sure you actually have an audience tune in. In order to keep your audience entertained and tuning into your session, make sure you create an interactive experience. This could range from hosting a Q&A segment where your viewers can send in questions to ask you or you can take it a step further and allow a few of your viewers to request to join your live session. This will make for a more interactive way of sharing your content with your target audience.

  1. Save it!

The best feature of IG Live sessions is being able to save your live once it’s over. This feature is completely heaven sent and should be utilized by anyone that is hosting an IG live. Saving your session will allow your audience to view it for up to 24 hours after it has been posted where they can then go back and take notes, and watch it again if they were unable to tune in during the live segment.

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