For small business owners, keeping your small business on track is so important in times like this. How are you delegating tasks and prioritizing what’s important to your business at this very moment? How are you preparing for the future of your business during this time? These are all questions you should be asking yourself to make sure you are keeping your small business on track.

We’ve developed four key questions to ask yourself (as well as act on) to help you keep your small business on track. Whether you sell products or services or organize community events, we all are on the path of bettering our business and keeping it all together! Here are four questions to ask yourself when you are trying to decide how to keep your small business on track. Keep reading below to find out!

4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Keep Your Business on Track

  1. What are my businesses priorities?

Asking yourself what it is that your business prioritizes is the number one question to keeping your business on track. You have to establish a set of goals you want to attain to keep your business on track. With so many things constantly competing for your time, writing these priorities down is beneficial.

One thing to keep in mind that is making sure these goals are realistic and specific. Broad generalities won’t cut it for something like this. Each goal should represent a waterfall effect—the more you complete and reach each goal, the closer you are to your overall goal. This process is something that will take a little more time and thought to make sure you truly understand what your businesses priorities are in order to successfully accomplish them.

  1. What tasks build my business?

What are the things that are keeping your business afloat? Are they your strategic focus on marketing strategies?  Or customer relationship building? What about how you tailor your product or service to your target audience? Whatever tasks you deem as building your business, hone in on those and use them to your businesses advantage.

As you get deeper into your brand’s business model, you will begin to see the improvements from focusing on strengthening these tasks. A few things to keep in mind to help you hone in on those tasks:

  • Get real-time testimonials from your target audience
  • Develop case studies that you can use to gain more customers
  • Focus on constantly improving your products or services


These are all actions that will give you reliability when it comes to building your business and keeping it on track.

  1. How can I outsource these tasks to help keep my business on track?

As a business owner, one thing you should always keep in mind is the fact that you cannot do everything by yourself. This is where you ask yourself, what is it that I don’t have time to sufficiently complete myself, and how can I outsource these tasks to help keep my business on track? These outsourced tasks can include administrative work, marketing, budgeting, and any additional tasks you deem as outsourceable. Being able to free up some of your time to pursue other things is what helps propel your business forward.   

  1. What am I doing to prepare for the future of my business?

While it’s extremely important to focus your attention on doing things that affect your business in the present moment, don’t lose sight of the future. As the success of your business begins to grow, you may need to hire even more employees, purchase a larger space, put more money into your marketing campaigns, or gain additional skills to better your business.

This is where you take the time to go back to question one and take a look at all of the priorities you wrote down for your business. Being a business owner is not a short-term task, make sure you’re always sharpening your skills to plan for the future and keep your business on track.

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