Imagine feeling completely confident and owning who you are without having to shy away from any part of what makes you, you.

Owning who you are, specifically in what you wear can bring about a new-found confidence and glow. Remaining authentic and true to you, whether that’s shown through the accessories you wear or the clothing options you purchase—whatever it may be, it’s important to own and embrace who you are.

Presented by H&M, here are 4 ways to take command and own who you are and what you wear like a B-O-S-S! #OwnIt

Unapologetically commit to your sense of style 

Sure, it’s absolutely OK to stay safe when it comes to owning who you are and what you wear like a boss, but sometimes playing it safe can somewhat overshadow your true style. Make it a priority to visually express who you are and how you own your style through your clothing—whether that’s plaid straight pants, faux leather joggers or distressed cropped denim jackets, whatever represents your style—boldly wear just that!

Focus on what you bring to the table

With such a large social media influence, at times, it can be a challenge to realize all that you have to offer. Owning who you are is all about focusing on what you bring to the table—what is it that you have, that others don’t? Constantly comparing what you do or don’t have to those around you can cause you to lose sight of what’s truly important at hand—being your authentic self. It’s important to understand no one is uniquely you, and what you bring to the table is just as important as anyone else.

Be honest with yourself

OK let’s be real, owning who you are and what you wear like a boss does require a little bit of self-evaluation and honesty. If you know your body frame doesn’t make you feel like you own it in a certain pair of jeans, then kick them to the curb and opt for the ones that make your butt look absolutely amazing! When it comes to fashion and owning what you wear like a boss, honesty is key– besides, when you’re honest with yourself first, the opinions of others won’t matter!

Recognize + embrace what makes you unique

Who are you? What excites you? What makes you unique? Recognizing and embracing these things contributes to owning who you are. Particularly when it comes to owning what you wear like a boss, ask yourself what colors go well with your skin complexion, what patterns make you feel the best, what are your go-to basics? These are all questions that will help you embrace what makes your style unique to you. The more in tune you become with your style, the more you own it!

So wear those bold statement earrings, mix those prints and patterns, combine masculine and feminine pieces and get creative with your colors because it’s all about owning who you are and what you wear like a BOSS!  

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