We know just what it means to be a busy boss woman—the kind of woman that has so much to do, but so little time to do it. Being a working woman can be extremely exhausting at times, staying productive can almost seem nearly impossible.

Who doesn’t like the idea of being productive, but only taking half of the time to do it?! There’s lots of shortcuts and loopholes that makes life a little bit easier, so why not use them to our advantage. Here are three hacks every boss woman needs to stay productive presented by H&M.

3 Hacks Every Boss Woman Needs

Embrace the idea of single-tasking

Learning how to dedicate your time to accomplishing one task at a time in order to minimize potential interruptions until you’ve completed your task is the key to maximizing your productivity. Although we’ve been taught for so long that multitasking is the way to go, it is in fact inefficient and counterproductive because you’re not able to give each task your all due to dividing your time and focus.

Single-tasking allows you to shift your focus on the task at hand, allowing your brain to only have to focus on accomplishing that one thing before you move on to the next. So how do you learn how to single-task? Remove all distractions and focus your attention on the task at hand!

Start your day off with your most important tasks (MIT) 

Staying productive is something every boss woman focuses on— which is why it’s important to start your days off with your most important tasks (MIT). Those tasks tend to be the most critical, require majority of your time, and create the most significant results.

By starting your day off with your MITs, you’re allowing your productivity to instantly flow so that you’re prepared to tackle on the day.

How should you go about knocking out your MITs? Well, start by creating a list of two to three of your top MITs, from there focus on completing them such as blocking off time on your calendar each morning and setting mental deadlines that will allow your productivity to flourish at its fullest potential.

Develop a strong ability to say no

Saying no doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you a productive person that knows their boundaries and limitations. Wanting to be a helping hand for others is a great characteristic to have, but if it’s causing you to be less productive or overcommitted—say no.

When you become a person that is constantly saying yes to any and everything, you are more likely to experience an even quicker burnout. To better develop this habit, start by saying no to smaller tasks first, this will allow you to get comfortable with saying no to even bigger requests. Remember, you should only say yes to the things that are both high-priority and high-impact– everything else can wait.

By incorporating these three hacks into your everyday routine, you will not only be able to take command and control of your tasks, but you will also remain productive and focused on the most important tasks at hand—something every boss woman needs!

Share with us in the comments below everyday hacks you incorporate into your daily routine to make sure you’re staying productive!

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