Authenticity is such as important topic today. Being able to remain true to who you are, no matter where you are is what brings a sense of genuity to any room you’re in. However, how do you remain your true and authentic self in the workplace as a black millennial?

Staying true to you as a black millennial in the workplace can be both a challenge and a hindrance. No one enjoys feeling uncomfortable in any setting, let alone a place where you spend majority of your time each week—so what can you do to make sure you’re staying authentic to you at your workplace all while being successful and maintaining the value of the company?

Here are three things you can do to stay authentic and true in the workplace as a Black millennial:

Staying Authentic in the Workplace as a Black Millennial

1. Figure out who you truly are

Rule number one to staying authentic in the workplace as a Black millennial is knowing who you truly are. It’s nearly impossible to be authentic at work if you aren’t aware of who you are. What is your role in the workplace? What do your duties and tasks consist of?

These are a couple of questions you should be asking yourself when trying to determine who you are and what you mean to the company. Once you figure out who you are, then you are able to be more vocal about what it is that you want, and creating opportunities for yourself.

2. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself

Many Black millennials have a hard time speaking up for themselves in the workplace for various reasons. They don’t want to be seen as the aggressor or angry black girl, they don’t want others to think they’re rude and hard to work with, or they simply just don’t know how. Although it can be difficult to do at first, speaking up for yourself in a situation is important. It shows that you have an opinion on whatever it is that is being discussed, and shows that you aren’t a pushover and won’t allow others to walk all over you. Of course there is a professional way to go about it in the workplace, so make sure you follow professional protocol.

3. Know that if it doesn’t work out, it’s OK

If you’ve come to the realization that you’re in a job or industry that you truly hate, just know it’s not the end of the world. Circumstances and situations are constantly changing, so you won’t find yourself in that situation forever. Don’t be afraid to say “I’ve failed, but I won’t give up,” and continue to push forward in your career as you find something that not only peaks your interest, but allows you to be your 100% authentic self.

With the current climate of our world, remaining your true and authentic self as a black millennial can be extremely difficult. It’s important that we as Black millennials constantly remind ourselves of our value and know that we too deserve a seat at the table. If you found this article helpful, make sure to like, comment and share!

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