Assembling the perfect team for your startup is essential. In order to succeed, you’ll need to find the correct combination of talents and skills to match your company’s culture.

Someone with a strong desire and passion as yourself, someone that has a creative outlook, someone that is innovative, someone with a “can do” attitude, just to name a few. Because you will be spending a lot of time with your tribe, you want to make sure they are the best fit for not only your brand, but for you as well.

To create a successful and hardworking team, you as the head honcho needs to make sure you strive for balance and personalities that mesh well together. Certain people fit into certain roles, and contribute to your company’s overall success. Here are six personality types every startup needs: 

6 Personality Types Every Startup Needs

  1. The Executor

The Executor is the one that sees the elements of the brand and turns the dreams into reality. Whether that’s through delegating the required tasks that need to be accomplished or taking charge and doing it themselves, they are the ones that take that step towards making ish happen. The main goal of The Executor is to take the tasks that are merely just ideas and conversation, and turn those tasks into results and reality.

  1. The Creative

Creatives are important to have within your tribe because they bring about colorful concepts and tools to connect all of your ideas together. The Creative is the one that will show you the various perspectives as to how you want to reach certain ideas and goals within your business. Creatives are most effective when they are able to put their ideas to use through the brand’s products and/or services, and helps the brand build connections that may not have existed before.

  1. The Communicator

To be an effective communicator, you have to be both a good executor and listener. The Communicator is able to observe and listen to messages and insight from numerous people and act on them accordingly. The Communicator knows how to create connections within the startup and has the ability to thoroughly understand and craft the perfect message when needed.

  1. The Not Afraid to Get their Hands Dirty

When it comes to being a part of any startup—you can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. This particular personality type is needed within a startup team due to their “can do and will do” attitude. They are happy and eager to do whatever it takes to make sure the job gets done—on and behind the scenes. Many people within your team may have this personality trait, which in turn will make your startup that much more successful.

  1. The Listener

The Listener knows exactly how to do just that—listen. They don’t have to be told when to be quiet, they simply know the appropriate time to respond, and they have the ability to be present in the moment, and ask questions when needed. These kind of personality types are important to have on your team because they tend to catch information that may have not stood out to others, and they tend to have a keen sense of obtaining information and presenting it back to you.

  1. The Mediator

The Mediator is a mixture between the communicator and the listener. Mediators tend to be the ones that know how to objectively and unbiasedly listen to both sides of any situation and successfully execute a solution. Although they are good at both listening and communicating, they tend to spend more of their time listening and interjecting when needed.

Building a solid team for your business takes lots of time, patience and consistency. It won’t happen overnight, but we do believe these are six personality types every startup needs to ensure their team is successful! If you found this blog post helpful, make sure to let us know in the comments below and share!

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