As a woman of color, sometimes it can be difficult finding the perfect foundation shade or just the right “nude” lip color. As you’re walking down the aisle, you’re greeted with shades that are either extremely too light (causing you to look like a ghost when the light hits your skin), or  too dark—causing you to look like you unintentionally tanned for too long.

Gone are the days where women of color are underrepresented in the beauty industry. Beauty brands are now going even deeper than 40 shades of foundation, highlighters that don’t make your skin look ashy, and blush that is just the right pigment.

Diversity and inclusion is just as important in the beauty industry as it is the workplace, so we’re giving you eight must-have beauty brands that are designed for us, by us!

8 Must-Have Beauty Brands for Women of Color

  1. Black Opal


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Black Opal has been a staple for women of color since the beginning of time. Founded in 1994, this inclusive beauty brand was one of the first technologically advanced skincare line for women of color. It features a variety of brown and black shades with products that include foundation, loose translucent powders and powder contour palettes. What more could you ask for in a beauty brand?!

  1. koyVoca


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If you’re a woman with a deeper skin complexion and you’re wanting an au-natural and lighter look, then koyVoca is your go-to. koyVoca is a beauty brand that focuses on specialization and made-to-ready orders and is 100% cruelty-free, so not only are you able to look your best—you aren’t harming any animals while doing so! 

  1. Beauty Bakerie


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Imagine—a cosmetic line that resembles all things from an actual bakery—the only difference is, it’s all for your face! This is exactly what the Beauty Bakerie is all about. Cashmere Nicole’s brand offers a variety of everyday beauty needs all with the theme of baking, from face flour (loose powder) to the Milk & Honey highlighting palette, Beauty Bakerie is an instant fav for women of color.

  1. Juvia’s Place


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If you’re a melanin queen that lives for the bold and bright eyeshadow looks, then look no further than Juvia’s Place. This beauty brand is known for its vibrant and pigmented eye shadow palettes, that literally help you capture any and every look. Simply drool-worthy, and the perfect beauty brand for all the eye shadow lovers.

  1. Fenty Beauty


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If you haven’t heard of Fenty Beauty, then we’ll take it as—you’ve been living under a rock! Designed and released by the one and only Rihanna Fenty, this beauty brand features over 40 foundation shades, an endless amount of blushes and highlighters (which can be used interchangeably) and the shiniest lip gloss you’ve ever laid your eyes on. We seriously can’t get enough of Ri Ri’s beauty brand!

  1. Lipmatic


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Founded in 2014 by rapper Nas’ daughter Destiny Jones, Lipmatic is a 98% organic beauty brand with a wide range of metallic, shiny, nude, and pigmented lip-glosses. For any woman of color looking for that perfect lip-gloss formula—not too sticky and not too dry, Lipmatic’s got you covered.

  1. Mented Cosmetics


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We too know what it feels like to walk down that aisle and try on several shades of “nude lipstick” but still not being able to find the perfect match. Founders Amanda E. Johnson and KJ Miller decided enough was enough, and they created the perfect nude lipstick for women of color. Mented Cosmetics features six nude shades of lipstick for women of color as well as nude nail polishes and eyeshadows.  

  1. Pat McGrath Labs


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2015 took a turn for the better when the iconic makeup artist Pat McGrath launched her own beauty brand. McGrath’s brand features a wide variety of lip glosses, lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, creamy concealers, and so much more—with women of color at the forefront!

Let us know in the comments below if you currently use these must-have beauty brands!

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