It’s one thing to become a freelancer—it’s another thing to become a successful and fully thriving freelancer.

As a freelancer, how can you get consumers to first want to partake in your product or service and second, want to actually come back for more? The road to freelancing isn’t an easy one, but we want to help you along your journey, and try to make it as smooth as possible for you. Take a look at these six tips on how to be a successful freelancer all while building some of the best relationships possible!

How to be a Successful Freelancer

Understand who your client is and what it is they want

Understanding your target audience—their needs and wants is one of the biggest and most important things you should do as a freelancer. Whether your client is wanting you to create content such as blog posts, videos or press releases, you have to make sure you’re well aware of what it is they are asking for, so you can effectively produce just that.

Create a high-quality portfolio website that represents your brand

Your online presence speaks for you when you are unable to physically be present. Because of this, you want to make sure your website is a pure reflection of your brand, and the work you are capable of producing.   

Always be present

A successful freelancer is someone that is always “present” even when they can’t physically be there. Being present simply means being able to effectively communicate with your team and clients, keeping them updated on any changes or important information, as well as coming into the office and having face-to-face interactions. These are all things successful and motivated freelancers actively do.

Understand that communication is essential to your brand’s success

Communicating regularly will not only breed success for you as a freelancer, but for your brand as well. Communication is what holds the client and freelancer relationship together, and makes sure it stays intact. If you want to be a successful freelancer, you have to have an open line of communication with your clients at all times. That means, going above and beyond sending emails, but also responding in a timely manner, making sure you establish and build a unique relationship with your clients, and trying your best to truly understand their needs and bring their vision to life.

Be honest and transparent

Honesty and transparency go hand-in-hand, if you aren’t honest—no one is going to want to work with you, and if no one is willing to work with you—you aren’t going to be a successful freelancer. Becoming a valuable part of a team is something you should strive for as a freelancer, which can be done through being open, honest and transparent about your intentions.

Charge what you’re worth

This is truly a huge one. Many freelancers fall short of success because they don’t truly charge what they know they deserve. How can you expect to be successful or an asset to anyone’s brand if you aren’t nourishing your own first. If you know your work is worth more than what you’re currently charging for it, increase it based on your experience and capabilities. In 2020 we aren’t selling ourselves short and hiding behind others—earn what you deserve!

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