The new year is near and you’re trying to decide the best way to bring it in! You know the saying, “how you start off your new year sets the tone for the rest of your year,”  so of course you’re looking for ways to make it memorable.

Attacking your goals head on to begin the new year off right or taking a breather and easing into the new year—whatever bringing in the new year looks like to you, we want to make sure you do it, and do it well! Regardless of how you plan on starting off 2020, we want to make sure you’re replacing the old with the new. Here are some ideas for things to do to bring in the New Year, and of course keeping up with those resolutions! #HappyNewYear

  1. Party

For many, this is an obvious choice—and one of the most popular ones yet. You could visit a nightclub, a friend’s party or even throw your own New Year’s Eve celebration, and as the clocks nears midnight—champagne toast to the New Year.

  1. At Home with Family

Some prefer to play it a little safer and bring in the new year with their family right by their side. If this is you, that is perfectly fine! Bringing in the new year with your loved ones as you cuddle around a warm fire and sip on your favorite cabernet is always a fun and safe way to celebrate a new year—and decade!

  1. Church

Jesus is always the reason for the season—and the New Year. Deciding to bring in your new year in your place of praise and worship is always a blessing and ensures that you’re beginning your new year off on the right foot.

  1. Meditation

If partying or praising isn’t your thing, deciding to bring in the new year in a quiet, tranquil and peaceful environment is A-OK. Doing what’s best for your mental should always be at the forefront, so if you need to take the time to mediate and breathe out the bad and breathe in the good—do just that!

  1. Deep Cleaning + Organizing 

Who doesn’t want to start off the new year on a clean slate—mentally and physically! The anticipation of a new year may bring about a sense of cleanliness and organization, so if you’re deciding to bring in the new year with a deep clean, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

  1. Binge Watch Your Favorite TV Show

To some, the New Year is a time to simply unwind and relax in front of your favorite TV show. Whether that’s binge watching on Netflix or flipping through the DVR of your favorite recorded sitcoms, ringing in the new year with a TV show and a bucket of popcorn sounds absolutely amazing.

  1. Travel

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys sightseeing and can’t stay in one place too long, then traveling to bring in the new year may be perfect for you. Seeing the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square or traveling to a tropical beach destination to bring in your new year is perfect for any jetsetter.

However you’re deciding to bring in the new year, whether it’s with family and friends or with your passport in hand—make sure you’re out with the old, and in with the new as we bring in 2020 with a clear vision!

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