The holidays are a time of joy, cheer, traditions, and lots of family time—and of course with these things comes the dinner parties. From casual gatherings with family and friends to formal affairs with co-workers, the holidays are always a time for dining!

If you’ve found yourself having to host one of these festive dining experiences this year, we’re here to help! Making sure the food turns out great, making sure the décor is gorgeous and picture perfect, and making sure your guests are having a good time definitely comes with a lot—but we want to make it as easy and smooth for you as possible. Here are five tips for hosting your holiday dinner party.

  1. Organize + Gather

When it comes to party prepping, as the host of the holiday dinner party, you want to make sure you’re well organized and gather any existing decorations and accessories needed for your party. Anything that can be repurposed and used to make the party that more better is what you need! From filling glass vases with garland, to placing the festive table mats onto the main dining table—every detail is important in this party planning ordeal!

  1. Create a Diverse Menu

Diversity on your menu is important. You want to make sure you’re pleasing your guest and accommodating them to the best of your abilities. If that means sending out an email or text message asking them for some of their favorite foods and recipes—then take that extra step because they will be truly thankful. You can also research classic holiday meals to prepare for your friends and family. Another tip for helping you, is making your dinner party a potluck style. This will allow for less stress on your plate, and more time for you to use you attention and energy on making sure your guest are having a good time.

  1. Delegate

Asking for help and delegating tasks is OK! You’ll be so glad you did it in the end. Holiday dinner parties can be a bit stressful, especially if you’re the only host, so to alleviate some of that stress—delegate various tasks to your guest. You could also create a small committee for the holiday dinner party where you have a co-host and a team of people that will contribute to the overall success of the party.

  1. Pick a Theme

Who doesn’t love an ugly Christmas party?! Having a theme for your dinner party truly involves your guest. It allows for lots of conversation and selfies! Themes make any Christmas party fun and many people look forward to shopping for those ugly Christmas sweaters, so make sure you have a gift for the one with the best ugly Christmas sweater!

  1. Stock Up On To-Go Containers

Be prepared for your guests to want to take lots of leftovers home! To make it easier for both you and them, having disposable to-go containers will make all the difference (and will be a complete life saver!) The more, the merrier– and it’ll also leave your refrigerator with lots of extra space! #HappyHolidays

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