As a busy boss woman constantly on the go, whether it’s traveling in the air or traveling to and from your office every day, it can be hard to find products that accommodate your busy schedule. From desk organization to the latest tech savvy essentials and travel gear—it’s important that you’re all stocked up on your must-have products.

Here are five must-have products for every boss woman on-the-go to help make their Fastlane lifestyle easier and more accommodatable all while getting shit done!

1. CalPak Carry-on Luggage










For those long hour business trips, as a boss woman on-the-go, you want to make sure your luggage is lightweight and easy to tow. CalPak features several luggage options that allows its customers to utilize features such as USB ports, rolling wheels, and a sturdy design that can endure some of the toughest handling in baggage claim.


2. Papier 2020 Planner








Your life will instantly become more organized the moment you decide to invest in a planner and actually use it! It’s so easy to pick up your phone and have everything at the palm of your hands, but when you actually take the time to write those things down in a planner, it truly makes all the difference. Every boss woman on-the-go should utilize their planner and continuously update it in real-time.


3. MOO Business Cards 









When you’re on-the-go, you should always be ready to network because you never know who you’ll meet. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to introduce yourself to any potential business partners, clients, or even friends! Sometimes traveling is one of the best ways to meet new people—everyone has a story so make sure you share yours too!


4. Evian Facial Spray 









A good facial spray is always a must when you’re on-the-go. Being thousands of feet in the air can cause your skin to dry out, so using Evian’s facial spray to bring life, moisture, and hydration back into your face is an absolute must-have for any boss woman!


5. Wi-Fi Hotspot

Even in 2019, sometimes Wi-Fi is not always easily accessible in every corner of the world. When traveling and on-the-go, make sure you have a reliable source of internet connection right at your fingertips. Wi-Fi Hotspot makes it easy for every boss woman on-the-go and allows you to answer important emails when you’re up in the air!

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