There are many reasons that individuals consider becoming an entrepreneur. Opportunity, work-life balance, freedom, whatever the reason may be—it’s always considered.

When deciding whether or not making that big move is truly right for you and your lifestyle, you should consider a few things first. Only you can make the ultimate decision to make that big switch, and although you may be risking that feeling of uncertainty, you’re also embracing a new feeling of freedom and accountability.

Here are three reasons you may consider becoming an entrepreneur:

  1. Opportunity and Freedom

The opportunities and possibilities are endless as an entrepreneur. When you’re bound to a set schedule in corporate America, you aren’t granted as many opportunities as you are when you’re an entrepreneur. You’re under a boss so they can decide how you will spend your eight hours each day, and what occurs during those eight hours. If you aren’t an entrepreneur, lots of times you have little to no control over what goes on in the office. Entrepreneurship is becoming lots of people’s first choice when it comes to opportunity and the endless amount of possibilities. No more leaving your fate in the hands of someone else!

  1. You aren’t bound to a nine to five

Entrepreneurship is all about having a flexible lifestyle, but some may not realize that it extends beyond those typical nine to five hours. Although being an entrepreneur isn’t a shortcut to an easier lifestyle, it is more rewarding and enjoyable than your typical nine to five. You will work hard as an entrepreneur, but you can decide your hours and how long or short you want to work each day. Out are the days of being micromanaged and having someone holding you accountable—you’re now the big boss!

  1. You’re passionate about your vision to change the world

Exploring your passion should never stop. As an entrepreneur, you don’t only want to change your life—you are wanting to change and make an impact on the world. Your passion stems from wanting to simply make the world a better place with the development of your business. Write down your vision of how you plan on changing the world with your startup and create obtainable and realistic goals and objectives to achieve just that.

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