Being a self-made, self-employed boss woman is no easy task. Surviving and maintaining as a self-employed woman sometimes isn’t taught– it becomes a trial and error situation, but what if there was a guide or a few tips to help you on your journey?

Whether you’re working from home, building a blog, or working face-to-face with clients—being a self-employed boss woman can be extremely tough. We’re giving you a few tricks to staying sane and motivated on your self-employed journey.

Eliminate Distractions

This can be an extremely difficult task to accomplish especially when you’re a self-employed woman with more than one title—mother and wife. Being able to balance life as well as being self-employed can cause you to have several distractions. Social media can be a huge distraction that should be eliminated when you’re trying to accomplish work. If you aren’t using it to build your brand, then remove it while you’re trying to get your work done! You have to keep in mind that as a self-employed woman, being intentional and removing distractions in your workspace is key to being a successful self-employed boss woman. If you find yourself constantly wanting to check social media, schedule small breaks throughout your work to give yourself time to indulge and then get back to work!

Schedule Your Time Wisely

As a self-made, self-employed entrepreneur, you’re constantly being pulled in every direction possible. Taking your day and breaking it into sections for different tasks such as answering emails, making phone calls, packing orders, and any other task your business requires is important when it comes to time management. You will realize that you work better when you divide your days into blocks of time—causing you to work more efficiently and accomplish a lot more. A second option would be delegating specific days to completing tasks. If you aren’t a fan of time blocks, you can delegate your time to specific days such as using Monday’s and Wednesday’s for administrative work, and Tuesday’s and Thursday’s for direct client interactions. Whatever helps you stay on task—do just that!

Know When to Take a Break

As a self-employed boss woman, taking a break is key! It’s an absolute must if you want to perform to the best of your abilities. Sure you may have a lot to do and you may not feel like you’re ever completely done or caught up, but if your cup is empty—you can’t pour nothingness into your business. Give yourself time to refuel and take breaks because they are always needed!

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