Making the decision to take on a mentor can be a bit of a challenge. Finding out why you may need a mentor and simply finding the best mentor for you can also be a challenge. Relying on a mentor can be beneficial for several aspects in your life—professional development, personal development, mental development, spiritual development– it all matters, and a mentor can help in every aspect.

When it comes to selecting a mentor, it’s important to keep in mind that this person should be someone who has achieved and accomplished the things you believe are your goals as well, and someone to simply challenge you and hold you accountable. When you think of successful people in life, without a doubt there was someone along their journey that encouraged, inspired, and motivated them to keep going.

In order to reap the benefits of a mentor, you must first be open and willing to receiving mentorship. Simply being vulnerable and acknowledging your weaknesses are the first steps to mentorship. So if you have gotten to that point, here are six reasons why it may be time to turn to a mentor.

  1. Mentors hold you accountable

Accountability is what mentors are all about. When it comes to mentorship, if your mentor isn’t holding you accountable then they aren’t doing their job. Sometimes it can be tough to hold ourselves accountable to make sure we get things do, so when you have someone else who stays on top of you to make sure your tasks are being completed, it’s truly a lifesaver.

  1. Mentors keep you motivated

Mentors allow their mentees to see the best inside of them. They are there for you no matter what and offer a sense of moral support with a shoulder to lean on. If you are needing someone to simply provide encouragement and guidance along your journey, then a mentor is definitely right for you.

  1. Mentors can see where you need to improve often times when you cannot

Mentors tend to have a way of seeing your faults more than you do. For the most part, they will always be honest with you and tell you exactly how it is—regardless of if you want to hear it or not. Sugarcoating should not be in your mentor’s DNA!

  1. Mentors help you set measurable goals

Having someone that helps you set measurable goals is an absolute must. Without successfully setting goals, you will consistently go backgrounds. Creating goals that allow you to get out of your comfort zone is the goal of any mentor and mentee relationship. Mentors also allow you to ensure that you have clarity on how you plan on achieving those goals you’ve set.

  1. Mentors don’t allow you to become stagnant and complacent

Consistency is essential for achieving your set goals in life. It challenges you to continuously move forward and reach new heights. By writing your goals down and then communicating them with your mentor, you will be more willing to achieve them. Mentors are designed to challenge you and talk you through anything you deem important in order to be successful in life.

  1. Mentors are priceless (and free)

Mentors do not do it for money—they do it because they genuinely want to see their mentee succeed. Your mentor should be driven by the satisfaction of being able to help and guide you through your self-reflecting journey through their own experience and advice. Not only are mentors free, but the advice and insight they are providing you is absolutely priceless.

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