We’ve all been there before—that feeling of lack of motivation, and wanting to do absolutely nothing, but… we can’t stay there. When that cloud of feeling unmotivated comes over you, it’s vital that you find a way to remove it and push forward.

Staying motivated when your mind is constantly bombarded with a million and one things is no easy task—but it’s not impossible. Here at Boss Women, we believe in finding ways to contribute to being our absolute best self so we’re giving you four ways to stay motivated as a Boss Woman.

Daily Quotes and Affirmations

In this day and age, technology and social media has become a go-to for pretty much everything. When it comes to staying motivated—the two go hand-in-hand. Subscribing to text messages and applications that sends you daily quotes and affirmations to simply push you through the day is a complete must! You’ll quickly find that these little golden nuggets seem to always come right on time, and what’s better than a daily affirmation that allows you to feel and stay motivated?!

Having a Designated Work Space

As a Boss Woman, mixing work and home can be the complete downfall of a successful work-life balance. Finding a way to designate a certain space for work only will not only keep you motivated to remain focused on the task at hand, but will also allow you to leave it all in that area once you decide you’ve done enough for the day. For all of the side hustlin’, stay at home mothers, wives, and entrepreneurs, having a specific place where you take care of all of your work will make it so much easier to stay on task and knock things off of your to-do list—what’s more motivating than that!

Creating a Boss Woman Playlist

Who do you listen to when you want to feel motivated? A podcast? A favorite singer? A poet? Whoever it may be, sis create that perfect, motivational playlist and plug those earphones in! There are also a ton of pre-made playlist on Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal—so if you’re unsure of who to add to your list—go ahead and use a pre-made one! Put your favorite artist on and get to grinding!

Unplugging + Regrouping

Step back, relax, unwind and remove yourself from any situation that is not motivating you. If you begin to feel yourself getting overwhelmed or frustrated, unplug and give yourself time to regroup. Reassess your thinking and simply move forward from the situation with a better and motivating headspace.


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