When it comes to building and maintaining relationships in the business of beauty—they absolutely matter. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Denton-based beauty company Sally Beauty for this year’s Boss Women of the Year 2019 Summit. Below we caught up with the VP of Digital and Innovation at Sally Beauty JC Johnson, on her role as the VP and why she thinks it’s important to build relationships within the beauty industry. Check out the interview below.

Tell us a little bit about your role as the VP of Digital and Innovation for Sally Beauty?

 My role is to always be considering our customer’s digital experience and touchpoints with Sally Beauty. My team leads our ecommerce website, our newly launched shopping and Rewards app, digital marketing, and digital innovation.

As the Digital and Innovation VP of Sally Beauty, how do the relationships you form within the beauty industry contribute to the success of Sally Beauty?

 I lean on my relationships across all industries- including beauty and retail. I often find it to be incredibly helpful to speak with peers across other industries and identify ways to apply their learnings to the beauty retail experience.

JC Johnson, VP Digital and Innovation at Sally Beauty

What distinguishes Sally Beauty from any other brand in the beauty industry?

Our strategy is to be the leading expert in hair color and hair care. We are hyper-focused on that. In store, this means having exclusive pro-grade products and associates who can help you through any color or care challenge. As a digital team, we need to support this experience on her device, through features like our newly launched digital hair color selector quiz and the ability to shop products by solution on our site.

How has Sally Beauty maintained its credibility as one of the most trusted haircare and beauty brands to date?

We have an incredibly strong pro heritage, and professionals know that they can trust the quality of products at our stores. Customers who shop at Sally Beauty know that they’re getting the same quality of product as the pros.

What’s one tip you would give for building a strong brand to consumer relationship in the hair care and beauty industry?

Always listen to consumer feedback.

Who has been a driving force and inspiration behind where you are in your career today?

My husband has been my biggest supporter and thought partner throughout my academic and professional journey.

Sally Beauty in-store location

As the VP of Digital and Innovation for Sally Beauty, how has digital innovation impacted the haircare beauty industry?

With so much information at her fingertips, women have access to so much data about products, trends, and how to achieve styles. The goal of digital innovation today is to help them spend less time figuring out how to solve their hair needs and more time loving their results. For example, our hair color selector takes the guesswork out of which tube of color to buy and what tools you need to achieve your look. We have also started rolling out Colorview in stores- it uses augmented reality to allow a customer to virtually try on a hair color at an iPad kiosk. Experiences like these help make our customers more confident they can achieve their desired look.





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