Do you envision yourself as a successful, bad a**, boss a** entrepreneur? Do you think you have what it takes for the hectic, fickle, ever changing life of an entrepreneur? Being a boss ass entrepreneur begins with your character traits—who you are as a person, how you handle and adapt to certain situations, and how you maintain that boss ass attitude.

What does it take to be a successful boss ass entrepreneur? Well we’re glad you asked. Although there isn’t a cookie-cutter ideal entrepreneurial personality that you must follow step by step, there are certain traits such as being ambitious, passionate, optimistic, and confident that you should possess in order to be successful in your industry.

We’re giving you seven traits every boss ass entrepreneur should possess. Check them out below and see which ones you could add to your list!

1. You have a strong work ethic. Any boss ass entrepreneur that has remained successful makes sure that they are always on top of things, whether that’s the first one in the office and the last one to leave or the first one to take initiative to make sure the job gets done. These kind of people always ensure that they are available to complete any task at hand that involves the betterment of their brand and business. Having a strong work ethic as an entrepreneur goes hand-in-hand with those that consistently have their mind on their work—even if they aren’t physically in the workplace.

2. You’re creative. Being creative as an entrepreneur allows you to not only interpret situations from multiple perspectives, but it also allows you to find multiple solutions based on those interpretations. As an entrepreneur, you have to be creative—it’s an absolute must, because the day-to-day life of any successful entrepreneur is consistently changing and you must know how to adapt to those changes. Many boss ass entrepreneurs tend to be extremely creative and may not even realize it until they are faced with a certain task that requires creativity.

3. You’re a self-starter. Someone that takes initiative to get the job done without being told to is one of the most successful traits of a boss ass entrepreneur. Your business won’t get off the ground and running unless you put in the work to do just that. Any self-starting entrepreneur knows how to set parameters and stick to them to make sure each project is successfully carried out. Self-starters don’t wait for someone to give them the “OK” to move forward, but instead are extremely proactive and confident in their decision-making.

4. You’re disciplined. Being disciplined doesn’t stop once you become an adult—it’s a life-long venture. As a boss ass entrepreneur, remaining focused on making sure you accomplish your business goals, and eliminating any distractions that may hinder those goals from being accomplished is what breeds success.

5. You’re optimistic. You don’t beat yourself up over things that are simply out of your control, but instead you find new ways to handle those situations. Understanding that each obstacle you go through as an entrepreneur will have some kind of effect on your brand, but won’t break you (unless you allow it to) is what keeps your optimism at an all-time high. Optimistic entrepreneurs are able to see everything around them, and still maintain their focus towards their set goals and objectives.

6. You’re a visionary. It’s hard to be a successful, boss ass entrepreneur if you don’t have clear insight of your vision. An entrepreneur must have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish and how they plan on accomplishing it—this is probably the absolute most important entrepreneurial trait to possess. It’s evident that without a clear outcome or goal, there is no point in the establishment of your business or brand. Being able to clearly communicate your dreams and aspirations for your business is important and serves as the guiding factor to help navigate your business decisions.

7. You’re passionate. Being passionate in any and all that you do is an overall good trait to have—regardless if you’re an entrepreneur or not. The significance of being passionate is simply loving what you do—if you don’t love what you do, how can you be successful in doing it?! Passionate entrepreneurs put in that extra time into evolving and flourishing their business. Every boss ass entrepreneur is always researching on things and strategies to better their brand and continuously build their business. You have to be ready to make that full-time commitment to being the ultimate boss ass entrepreneur.         

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