You’ve just finished a long work week and the weekend is finally around the corner. As you’re sitting on your couch, you decide to open your BLK app and begin looking at profiles. A few seconds pass and your attention is drawn to a bio that reads “Sunday Fundays, Foodie, and R&B connoisseur,” you decide to  connect and see where it takes you.

Making a lasting connection with someone can be extremely difficult, especially when your first interaction with that person is through an app. Here at Boss Women Media, we don’t shy away from being a Boss Woman and going after what we want—even if that means making the first move.

Here are 4 tips that are sure to make your next connection your absolute best connection.

  1. Be Yourself

It’s natural for you to become nervous and anxious when you meet someone new—especially someone you have an interest in. One thing you want to continuously remind yourself is to stay calm and remain relaxed. You’re interesting, you’re intelligent, and you’re likeable.

Don’t enter a conversation with your next connection worrying about whether or not they’ll find you interesting or funny enough—just be yourself. Whether that looks like wearing something on the first date that makes you feel comfortable and confident or going to one of your favorite local restaurants and ordering your favorite meal, whatever it looks like for you, do just that.   

  1. Be Open and Optimistic

OK so you’ve made this new connection and you want to get to know more about them. Rule number one—don’t be afraid to open up and tell them a little bit about yourself. There are topics that may be best to wait to discuss when you’re first getting to know someone , but you don’t want to shy away too much from having an open conversation with the person.

Once you begin to reveal things about yourself, your date will begin to open up and do the same. When you share things about yourself that you may not normally share, you become more relatable and allow vulnerability to enter the conversation. Optimism is also important when connecting with someone you find intriguing. Going into the conversation with barriers up and a complete checklist of the perfect connection will only hinder your relationship with your new connection. Go into it with an open mind, allowing yourself to truly get to know the person before making a harsh stance about them.

  1. Ask Intriguing Questions

Asking your connection intriguing questions is one of the best ways you can make a lasting impression on them. When you ask questions about their interests, their life goals, and their ambitions, it not only shows them you find them valuable, but it also shows that you want to know more about them. You’re intrigued by them—so you ask them intriguing questions. These questions can be anything from, “How did you become so passionate about your craft?” “What do you do in life to stay motivated?” “Who are your biggest role models?” “What are your aspirations in life?” All of these questions show that you want to learn more about them and their life, and require a more in-depth response than a simple yes or no.

  1. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

You want to make your next connection your best connection, right? Well sometimes that requires you to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. Whether that’s planning a spontaneous date with your new connection, trying a new restaurant, or simply connecting with someone new on a dating app—it’s always important to do things you wouldn’t normally do. It allows you to appreciate the differences between you and someone else, and who knows—you may end up liking things you would have never tried if it weren’t for them!


Making real connections with similar people that share the same likes and interests as you is something that can’t be replaced. By incorporating these 4 tips, we hope we’ve sparked your interest to get started on BLK and get connected! Be yourself, remain calm and confident and remember, as long as you stay true to you, you’re bound to make an everlasting impression that your next connection won’t forget!

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