Ladies Listen Up! We are giving away $5,000 at our 2019 Boss Women of the Year Summit presented by The Dallas Mavericks and The Riveter. This is your chance to win some money by taking your idea and turning it into a concept, or simply finding a way to help elevate your business as an entrepreneur.

You may be wondering how to go about pitching your business for your chance to win $5,000, so we’re going to give you some tips to help you land that jackpot!

Your business pitch is the absolute main thing that could either make or break your business. Before you think any further—it matters! Whether your pitch is used to attract startup funding, build relationships with investors, or simply network with other entrepreneurs, it’s important to make sure your pitch has a solid foundation.

Here are some tips you can incorporate when pitching your business at this year’s Boss Women of the Year Summit for your chance to win $5,000!

Grab the judge’s attention early

As an entrepreneur pitching your business to a judge, you want to make sure you convey exactly what it is your business does. Through a short story, a metaphor, a joke, whatever it takes that will immediately grab the judge’s attention, you want to do just that. Because you will only have one minute to pitch, you want to make sure you utilize your time all while grabbing their attention—and keeping it! Immediately get your founding story out of the way, and then begin to share things such as target audience, sales, analytics and metrics, industry leaders that have invested in your business, and any additional information needed to grab their attention. You only have one minute, so make it count!

Identify a problem to solve

You need to identify the problem you are wanting to solve. This should include answers to questions like, “What is the problem or issue I am wanting to solve,” “Why is this a problem for my business?” “Is there a feasible solution for my problem?” “How will this funding contribute to solving the problem of my business?” Being able to translate a legit problem into a compelling pitch requires lots of thought and proposition. Identifying your problem allows you to build the rest of your pitch off of.

Keep it short, sweet, and simple

Again, you want to keep in mind that you are only allotted one minute to wow the judges and persuade them to believe you should win the $5,000. Keeping it short, sweet, and simple will allow you to do just that. Focusing on two important things: identifying your problem and how you plan on solving your problem will be the main focus of your pitch. To save yourself some time, make sure you aren’t using an excessive amount of filler words or superfluous and irrelevant material during your pitch. Anything that is not essential and valuable to your pitch—cut it out!

Make sure your concept is clear

If you don’t know the clear concept of your pitch, how can you expect the judges to know? Having a clear concept will not only help you build off of during your pitch, but it will give the judges a clear idea of what it is your company does and wants to solve. Your concept is your founding idea behind your pitch, and is what you use to establish the importance of your business so making sure it’s clear and easy to understand is extremely important.

Establish credibility

Establishing credibility is essential. During your pitch, you need to make sure you demonstrate just how suitable you and your team are when it comes to solving the problem at hand. Effectively communicating this to the judge’s will contribute to the credibility of your business. Ways to build your credibility during your pitch may include examples of experience within your industry, notable leaders within your industry with relevant credentials, other startup competition and pitches you’ve won, or your team’s overall credentials, whatever it may be, you want to convey it to the judge’s during your pitch.

Be confident

Being confident says a lot about you and your brand. Explaining why your business is qualified to win the $5,000 and what the importance of the money means for you and your business is very important in a pitch competition. Whatever questions the judges may ask you after you’ve pitched should be answered confidently and truthfully. The more confidence you exert, the more it looks like you know what you’re talking about and why you deserve to win!

So if you think you have what it takes, sign-up now! Spots are extremely limited and they’re going fast!

* You must purchase a BWOTY ticket before signing up for the pitch contest.

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