We all know Allstate Texas Whitaker Group as one of America’s most trusted insurance companies—however, the company provides more than just insurance services to its clients.

If you are an entrepreneur, looking to further your expansion and resources, Allstate Texas Whitaker Group may be your one-stop shop. When you consider starting your own small business, you may not be alone. There are several people who venture out into forming start-up businesses—for several reasons,  but are a bit unsure of where to begin.

Allstate Texas Whitaker Group has partnered with Small Business Connection, a website destination that allows entrepreneurs of small businesses to gain expertise in solving critical business issues that they may face when it comes to owning your own business. The goal of Small Business Connection is to successfully evolve small businesses across the globe through things such as—leadership, legal, insurance protection, technology, online marketing and office insight.

Allstate Texas Whitaker Group’s partnership with Small Business Connection allows its business owners the ability to utilize tools from:

  • LegalZoom
  • Microsoft
  • Office Depot


And don’t be fooled, Small Business Connection isn’t just for start-up businesses—established business owners also have full advantage to the offered resources as well. There’s loads of information on various topics for all entrepreneurs—new or seasoned to learn from:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Business Protection Legal Solutions
  • Industry Trends
  • Technology
  • Office Solutions
  • Web Marketing


So if you’re on the path of entrepreneurship, and you’re needing a little extra insight on growing your business and taking control of your future, Allstate Texas Whitaker Group Small Business Connection partnership is for you!

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