One of the most important aspects of being a successful remote worker is of course—your work space. Being a remote entrepreneur comes with lots of freedom and flexibility, and what better way to utilize that than to have a space that provides you with a community of fellow-entrepreneurs. Coworking spaces are designed for the ultimate entrepreneur looking for an atmosphere that is full of productivity.

The Riveter is a female-founded, Seattle-based company, that’s brought its seventh location to Dallas, TX this year. Sure there are a few coworking spaces currently in Dallas, however we’re going to tell you why The Riveter is the best one yet for entrepreneurs in Dallas.

The Riveter is a modern day union for working women, providing community, content, resources, and coworking spaces, built by women for everyone.. The company is based on the ideology that, “equity of opportunity should be a reality, not a promise,” which can be seen throughout their community based co-working space.

Reason #1: “Built by Women for Everyone”

The Riveter is Dallas’ first female-founded co-working space in the heart of the Oak Lawn neighborhood. Its mission is to simply change the future of the workplace for all women. Being able to invite tough conversations into the workplace without feeling uncomfortable to discuss them is what The Riveter represents. Although this co-working space was designed by women, it’s not limited to just women utilizing it hence—“built by women, for everyone.”

Reason #2: Incorporation of Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Programs 

Staff at The Riveter are big on inclusivity. Because of this, the company has ensured that its principles are founded on diversity, equity, and inclusion. These programs include the incorporation of leadership and management in the workplace, mentorship and sponsorship, tools deemed necessary to close the gender pay gap, and building a sense of community for women underrepresented in their career fields.

Reason #3: Flexible Workspace and Membership Plans

The Riveter’s membership plans features private offices, dedicated desk, and floating desk plans. The membership plans vary from a monthly plan of $265 per month (8am to 5pm, 20 full days, floating desk) to $365 per month (1-person dedicated desk). The Riveter also has options for part-timer’s (8am to 5pm, 12 days for $180 a month) and second-shift workers (5pm to 8am + weekends for $250 a month). If you are someone that prefers a workspace, but you’re not wanting to commit as many hours a month, you can opt for their “10 Hour Flex” option which includes 10/hours a month from 8am to 5pm for only $99 bucks!

Reason #4: Exclusive Membership Benefits

Trust us when we say, the perks of being an exclusive member of The Riveter are just as amazing as the prices. As a member, you’ll receive 24 hour access to the space, mail services, member events, conference rooms, HD projectors, mother’s rooms, private phone booths, professional programming, a modern open design, VC office hours, and so much more. The Riveter also offers membership levels for each member ranging from “Riveter” to “Riveter Resident.” Each membership level includes its own additional perks and benefits as well as special offers and discounts from some of the best national and local brands.

Reason #5: Programs that Promote Advocacy and Civic Engagement

The Riveter staff work extremely hard when it comes to activating its member’s social, economic and political power. At The Riveter, events that promote education and action on issues relating to the advancement of women as well as programs on activism, lobbying, civic engagement and leadership are all implemented and put on for its members.

Reasons #6: Networking and Access

The Riveter makes connecting and networking with its members so easy. By providing the necessary tools and resources needed to accelerate in their industry, members are given access to The Riveter’s office hours, intimate access to VCs, and startup and small business experts that can give one-on-one advice for the advancement of their business.

Reason #7: It’s Beautifully Designed

If you haven’t yet stepped foot into The Riveter—seriously what are you waiting for?! The eye catching space embosses a beautiful light and airy aura. With minimalist light fixtures hanging from the ceiling, light-wooden floors, an open design, and several murals and affirmations painted on the walls, this space is sure to breed lots of creativity. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your exclusive one-on-one tour with The Riveter today, and see what everyone is dishing about!

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