Presentation is absolutely everything! Whether you’re a side hustler, entrepreneur, or corporate queen—building the best website for your business is extremely important. Being able to showcase what your brand is all about is key in being a successful business. Eye-catching and interactive websites command your audiences’ attention without having to say a single word—so we’re here to show you exactly how to do just that!

Here are five tips for building a great website for your business:

Tip #1: A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

We’ve heard the saying ,’a picture is worth a thousand words,’ but how can that apply when building a website? Having vivid images on your website of what your brand offers to its consumers, how active your brand is throughout the community and the overall purpose of your brand can best be showcased through images. Think about it like this—when you visit a company’s website, the first thing that immediately catches your attention is a picture of some sort. That’s exactly how it should be with your brand’s website—give your audience some kind of photo that they will automatically associate with your brand when they see it.

Tip #2: Keep It Interactive and Easy to Navigate

As a business owner, you want to make sure your website is easy to navigate through (this includes all necessary heading tabs), as well as interactive. An interactive website instantly enhances your user’s experience. The more interactive your website is, the more informed your audience becomes. A key tip to remember is that you don’t want your website to become so interactive with various HTML codes that it becomes to difficult to navigate through—keep it interactive, but only as much as needed.

Tip #3: Use Conversation

Conversation is key for any website. The words used throughout your website should be conversational and easy-flowing. As a business owner, it’s important that the voice of your website sets the tone for your entire brand. Because many of your consumers may not ever get the chance to physically meet you, you want to make sure the voice and conversation used to represent your website is clear and fluid.

Tip #4: Own Your Domain 

Owning your website’s domain creates an instant sense of credibility. Any business owner should always strive to make sure their brand is credible and valid—owning your own domain does just that. Many websites that allow you to create and build your business’s site gives you the option of purchasing your domain name. Utilizing this feature will for sure payoff once you begin to generate a large following.

Tip #5: Have a Clear ‘Why’

It’s important that you have a clear ‘why’ behind your website. Why is this important to your audience? Why did you decide to create this website/brand for your audience? Why does your audience care? Making sure you have a clear ‘why’ and it’s presented in a clear way on your website for your audience, is important when creating a great website.

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