Who is Raven Tracy?

Raven Tracy is an influencer mogul with nearly 2 million Instagram followers and the owner of the apparel line Body, “which provides form-fitting attire for women of all sizes,” all while advocating for confidence and body positivity. Raven Tracy is big on self-love and investing in yourself as a woman, and believes that “the mind, the body, and the spirit are all aligned.”

What makes Raven Tracy a Boss Woman?

Raven Tracy is a Boss Woman because she doesn’t allow the stigma of curvy girls not representing the “norm” as a defining factor in representation of black curvy women in fashion. Tracy’s inspiration for representing black curvy women is represented through her clothing Body, and has quickly become a favorite among millennial women and other influencers.

The following article was originally published on Essence.

From the looks of it, influencers have it pretty easy. They post pictures, make a little money, and get paid to do it all over again. But, for Raven Tracy that wasn’t enough. Tracy who currently has 1.9 million followers on Instagram decided to use her large impact to push body positivity across her social media platforms. Within the last year, she has launched her apparel line, “Body,” which provides form-fitting attire for women of all sizes and advocating to let your confidence emerge while wearing her pieces. “I believe that self-love starts within. The mind, the body, and the spirit are all aligned,” said Tracy.

The influencer herself has fallen victim to the harsh realities of being a black curvy woman in the industry. Tracy has modeled for brands like Adidas, Pretty Little Thing, and Naked Wardrobe. And while understanding her privilege to work for large companies she also was inspired to create something for all women.

Now her collection “Body” is a favorite amongst millennials as well as brands like True Religion. The popular jean company has partnered with the designer to create a jean that fits curvy women (without the gap in the back).

ESSENCE got a chance to chat with Tracy about transitioning to a more business approach, her take on body positivity, and what’s next for her brand. Read below.

The following article was originally published on Essence.

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