As a woman, one thing we all strive to do is look good—when you look good, you feel good, but sometimes looking good is a little bit more expensive than expected.

Dressing like a Boss Woman doesn’t have to break the bank, and we’re going to give you some tips on how to dress like a boss woman on a boss woman budget. Trust us when we say, you can still look cute—all while ballin’ on a budget!

  1. Quality Over Quantity

Focusing on quality over quantity is really going to make a difference in how well your wardrobe comes together. Taking some time out to do a total assessment of your clothes to see what all you have and what all you may be missing is key. Once you’ve assessed your wardrobe, you’ll want to write down a list of quality clothing items you’ll need (i.e. a coat, denim jeans, black leggings, plush sweater, etc.) and begin your search for them.

You’ll quickly begin to realize that these items are timeless and can be worn with different outfits—different ways. Having good quality clothing that will hold up for seasons to come is what matters—you can have 30 pairs of jeans, but if the quality of those jeans aren’t durable—they’re all a waste.

  1. Review What You Currently Have

We as women tend to accumulate and hold onto things that we either rarely wear or never wear, and honestly it’s doing us no good. Take some time to simply face your fears aka your closet. A few questions to ask yourself are “Do I have a ton of black shirts, but not enough white?” “Do I own a pair of tennis shoes or brown sandals?” Once you’ve sorted through all of your clothing and have accumulated what you do and don’t have in your wardrobe, make sure you find what fits your vision and what doesn’t.

Sometimes we may not realize it, but we tend to purchase things that are similar to current things we already have in our closet. By reviewing what you currently own—this will help eliminate buying duplicates and of course save some coins.

  1. Be YOU

When it comes to dressing like a boss woman on a boss woman budget, you want to remember to always wear things that you are comfortable and confident in. Don’t buy into certain trends and fashions just because it’s popular at that moment, stick to your style and what makes you, you. Also, don’t buy things you can’t afford just to fit the quota of “looking like a boss,” besides—you can still look like a boss on a budget!

  1. Create a Strict Budget Solely for Your Wardrobe

This tip is probably the most important one for balancing your boss woman budget. Establishing a strict budget that you use solely for revamping and enhancing your wardrobe is key to dressing like a boss woman on a boss woman budget.

Don’t allow yourself to borrow money or even dip into your savings just to purchase a new dinner outfit—if you don’t got it, don’t spend it! Manage your funds accordingly and be mindful about your spending.


Shopping is second nature to women, but we have to remember that we don’t have to break the bank to look like a boss. Implement these tips into your boss woman routine, and you’ll be sure to turn heads in your boss woman wardrobe.

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