Who is Heather Sanders?

Heather Sanders is the mogul and entrepreneur behind the brand Sorella. Founded in 2012 with her business partner Brittney Turner, both women rose to fame from a small startup of selling 10 products out of Heather’s Los Angeles apartment, to owning an entire flagship brick and mortar boutique on the corner of Melrose Avenue.

What makes Heather Sanders a Boss Woman?

Heather Sanders is a Boss Woman because she is a self-made, determined fashion icon that literally taught herself everything she knows about entrepreneurship and running a fashion boutique. Heather took her love for fashion and her dedication for simply “wanting more out of life,” and bonded the two together to give us all Sorella boutique—a brand that has over 800K Insta followers and so much more.

The following article was originally published on Forbes.

Heather Sanders realized early on that her purpose was to help others create their own destiny.

With a staunch love for fashion and the determination to impact others — her clothing brand, Sorella, was founded by Sanders and her business partner Brittney Turner in 2012. Starting with an inventory of just 10 products, the duo quickly turned their rapidly growing online business into a brick and mortar boutique in Los Angeles on the infamous Melrose Avenue.

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