Who is Tanisha Lawrence?

Tanisha Lawrence is the entrepreneurship mastermind behind the vegan nail polish brand, LAW Beauty Essentials. New York native, Tanisha gained her entrepreneurial gene from her father who was a restaurant owner when she was a young girl. Tanisha’s cruelty-free vegan nail polish line has over 80,000 rave reviews on Ipsy, and is available in stores in New York, California and Maine.     

What makes Tanisha Lawrence a Boss Woman?

Tanisha Lawrence is a Boss Woman because she plans on furthering her beauty brand with essentials that include other beauty products that women indulge in—hence the name LAW Essentials.

The following article was originally published on BauceMag, a lifestyle site for self-made women.  

If entrepreneurship was in your genes, you’d probably go for it too! That is exactly what Tanisha Lawrence did after watching her father run his own restaurant business when she was young girl growing up in Brooklyn, New York. She took her own love for beauty and entrepreneurship and started her own brand LAW Beauty Essentials, a cruelty-free vegan nail polish line. With over 80,000 rave reviews on Ipsy and product availability in New York, California and Maine, Tanisha is well on her way to becoming a household name in the industry (yep, we’re claiming it). In this interview with BAUCE, Tanisha shares the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

Click here to read more about Tanisha Lawrence’s journey to LAW Beauty Essentials. 

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