Keeping your resume up-to-date is something that is critical and extremely important. Whether you’re currently on the search for a new job, or looking to grow within your current job—an updated and accurate resume is key.

In order to make sure your resume stands out from all the other candidates, you want to make sure you’re avoiding very common mistakes. Recruiters come across hundreds of resumes a day, and you don’t want to be that one candidate that stands out because you put the wrong company name on the top of your resume.

Simply stated, you need a stellar resume to stand out and outshine all the other candidates (without mistakes), and we’re here to help you! Here are five common mistakes candidates make on their resume (and how to basically fix or even avoid them).

Resume Mistake #1: Typos and Grammatical Errors

How to Fix: When it comes to typos and grammatical errors, honestly and truly, there shouldn’t be any on your resume. Before drafting your final copy, not only should you look over your resume, but you should have others look over it as well. Office Word document automatically underlines typos and grammatical errors within your document, so there truly is no excuse as to why you would still have typos and grammatical errors. If your resume showcases several typos and grammatical errors, employers may have a hard time moving forward with your application, regardless of how qualified for the job you may be. These simple errors show that you either can’t write, or you just don’t care—that’s not a good first impression to leave on any employer.

Resume Mistake #2: No Customization

How to Fix: We know you’re more than likely applying to multiple jobs that you are qualified for and it’s extremely common to use the same resume each time, however—copying and pasting just won’t cut it. The basis of your resume should include some of the same information, but depending on what job and company you are applying for, you want to make sure your resume reflects that. Your resume should be tailored to the job you’re applying for and anything additional and unnecessary should be left out.

Resume Mistake #3: Lack of Specifics

How to Fix: Your resume shouldn’t state things that are flat out obvious to a hiring manager. Employers should understand what you’ve done and your accomplishments. For example:

  1. Worked with employees in a clothing store setting  
  2. Hired and trained over 15 employees in a retail clothing store where we showcased customer service daily and used account management for sales

Both examples represent duties that the employee did, however the second one goes into a bit more detail and specifics as to what the employee did and with who. This second example is bound to grab the hiring manager’s attention and gives them a little more insight on your qualifications.

Resume Mistake #4: Going Too Short or Long

How to Fix: Knock off absolutely every irrelevant thing on your resume that is not important to the job you are applying for. Regardless of what you’ve heard, there are no set rules as to how long or short your resume should be. We’ve been told for years that a resume should never extend one page, but that’s not true. Of course you don’t want a five-page resume, but if your resume goes over to a page and a half, and includes the important, detailed, and specific qualifications, then your resume is A-Okay. Don’t cut the bulk of your resume out to simply conform to the idea that it must be one page, and don’t run your resume longer than it needs to be either. Stick to what’s important and leave anything extra out.      

Resume Mistake #5: Incorrect Contact Information

How to Fix: This should be a no brainer, but it does in fact still happen. This goes hand-in-hand with typos and grammatical errors. You want to make sure you double-check even the most minute things that we may take for granted like something as simple as your contact information. If you are going to provide employers with your phone number and email address, make sure they are both accurate and up-to-date. You don’t want to miss out on a potential job simply because you didn’t put the correct contact information.

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